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  1. Dear @JeromeFJ. I apologize for attending tomorrow's due to an urgent family commitments. Enjoy and see next time.
  2. Dear @Kailas i apologize for attending tonight due to family commitments. Next time inshalah. Enjoy guys 👌🙏👍
  3. Dear @Ale Vallecchi Good morning, I am really sorry that I have to leave this drive as I am not feeling well. I will make a space for another member to join and enjoy with a professional leader and all members of this convoy.🙂 we will do it next time soon. ✌️
  4. @M.Seidam thanks for adding , and wish for @Vaibhavdaghuter quick recovery soon. next time. 🙏
  5. Dear @Gaurav Soni I have to leave this drive as I joined the night driving for today. I cant manage both in the same day. I will leave now to give a chance for another collogue member in the waiting list to enjoy the drive tomorrow. Have a nice day .
  6. @M.Seidam Good morning, so glad for joining this drive. see you there inshala.🙂
  7. @M.Seidam hi i will be appreciate if it is possible to add me on this drive for tomorrow. 👍 🙏🙏
  8. I don't think so if i join the night drive i will be able to the morning one @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler. Honestly i wish to try the night drive as i never tried it before. with the new big light bars i installed recently, it will be enthusiastic. 😉
  9. @DP1011 , Deepak wranglerHi , I don't know what do you mean? I am still on the waiting list for the night drive, net yet approved.
  10. @Hisham Masaad Cant wait to hear Yalla Push this Saturday, I am In Inshalah
  11. Thanks @Hisham Masaadfor the great drive, and many thanks for @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler@Rob Sand @Mohammad Anwar for Supporting the Convoy, it was a nice technical driving yesterday and full of enthusiasm, great company and encouraging. Thanks @GregoryMy son fully recovered after we park on the main Street 😄 The greatest thing in this drive was the Pajero's was the Heroes 👌
  12. Thank you Guys for your best wishes, Glad to drive with all of you on FB+ Soon. Special Thank for Mr. @Gaurav
  13. I am really sorry @M.Seidam, i appologise for the drive tomorrow as i am not feeling well. All the best in your drive 🙏
  14. @M.Seidam It was a great pleasure to meet you today. Today drive was really a new experience, lots of learning, technical driving, refusals, pop out and every one in the convoy shows full of positive energy. Thank you so much to keep every one safe. And my pleasure to drive with you again. Thanks for @Danish Mohammad and @Michel Van Woudenberg for their greak works and acheivments. 👌👍
  15. Dear @Tbone unfortunately that i can't join tomorrow since my car still in garage for maintenance. Enjoy your drive. 😊
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