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  1. I have a 2014 five-door Pajero which I have been using for the last 12 months. To be honest, I have zero knowledge and experience of the technicities about the car hence reaching out to the community here for guidance. A couple of months back my car started giving me a crackling sound while turning, on speed humps and applying soft breaks on dead slow speed while parking, etc. (no sound on high speeds, or maybe not noticeable). I showed the car to a local garage who charged AED 200 tightened some parts underneath near suspensions and the sound went off. But the garage suggested changing all shock absorbers and said they had completely aged and gave me a quote for replacing all four shocks and related parts costing approx. AED 1800 for the parts including wheel alignment and approx. AED 700 for labour. total of approx. AED 2600. Following are the parts suggested for replacement shock absorber front - KBG, rear shock absorber - not know, front spring lower pad, stabilizer link front, shock boot front, front upper arm left, front upper arm right, cut bushes front, tie rod end outer right tie rod end outer left, tie rod inner. However, I also have an AMC from Al Habtoor, and after fixing the sound initially when the car was given for 110K servicing the service centre did not report any issues with the suspensions. In the following week, I drove to Dubai- Muscat for over 1500 KMS, and on return, the crackling sound reappeared. The drive does feel hard but I am in doubt if the car's suspensions need a complete overhaul as suggested by the local garage the reason for my doubt is due to the fact that this issue same was not picked up by Al Habtoor while servicing, maybe because just a few days earlier the local garage had fixed the sound (?). I am considering a second opinion before committing to AED 2600. Any recommendations, thoughts would be helpful and appreciated.
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