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  1. My apologies I have to drop for tomorrow. Already cancelled from the ride. Enjoy the ride and see you next week.
  2. Hi @JeromeFJ! Thanks for the nice ride. And thanks to @Rob S @Chaitanya D for supporting the middle and for closing. I really like the technical dunes! Hope to see you all in the next drive!
  3. @Ale Vallecchi I was looking for the app you mentioned MyTrace but the only one appearing is a wellness app. Do you mind to send the link? Thanks
  4. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi and @JeromeFJ for your lead. Very nice drive, one of the best so far(at least for me). Nice speed and nice dunes. I loved the more technical dunes at the beginning. @RiaanJH was really nice the share the experience and the little secrets of our phenomenal cars. Hope to see you all next week.
  5. HI Gaurav, I believe you mixed up between me and my friend Paolo Pellegrini. He is the one accepted in the list. I'm still in waiting list and hoping to be part of the ride tomorrow. Cheers
  6. Thanks Alessandro, I will be there. Can you confirm on the radio channel just to make sure? My #2 is as per the below. No problem to switch the one you suggested, my
  7. Thanks Gaurav and everyone! It's a pleasure and a honor to learn ad grow together. @Rob S Nice to meet you too. Hope to see you soon in the next ride.
  8. Thanks @Frederic and everyone for the nice ride. It has been indeed a smooth and very enjoyable drive. Thanks @Looper for your advises. I will definitely follow your suggestions in the same order.
  9. I was about to ask the same.... @Islam Soliman please confirm we are meeting at the Lisaili Fort https://goo.gl/maps/tzgAjwaF4E1BqXMw9
  10. Jeep Wrangler 2018 2 doors 1 year experience driving with some experienced friends Confirm front and rear tow hooks and of course minimum 8 inches of ground clearance
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