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  1. Happppyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy @Frederic !! Wishing you best of health, wealth and lots of amazing drives !
  2. Congratulations @Glenn Waters, you will surely love this new level too
  3. Congratulations @Patrick van der Loo for levelling up to Fewbie Plus, am sure you will enjoy this new level !
  4. Thanks @Gaurav for considering me for this great and interesting responsibility ! As you highlighted, yes I am indeed, Looking forward to Grow further and help others. Would be doing injustice if I dont thank all those experienced marshals, and team members who never hesitated to share their knowledge and tricks of Off-roading , and who always make this team sport a great & safe FUN ! Thanks again @Carnity ! Looking forward to connect with broader community members in my new role
  5. Congratulations @ASAD. ! Yes fully agree for timing , See you soon in sands !
  6. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau ! Pleasure to be levelling up with you - See you soon !
  7. Dear @JeromeFJ - Apologies, My co passenger wanted to join the yellow truck drive, and unfortunately she has some commitment hence I will miss this, and do next day YT drivez, will miss the driving with this fantastic convoy though...
  8. To my knowledge, have not seen our fellow jeepers use this one @varunmehndiratta, I am getting one done underneath rear bumper like @Looper and @Kailas. The advantage vs tailgate would be summer time u dont need to keep doors open😅
  9. Morning @Islam Soliman, battle with fever is still on, hence I skip this one😐..
  10. Hi @Zubair - Welcome , I think U clicked on Manage by mistake or looking at long waiting list 😂, - out of my personal experience, clicking on manage doesnt guarantee the drive ( On a lighter note buddy:D )
  11. U got it half correct, I will be camping, but Deflated, and with flag ON and radio channel set, and in 4H too
  12. @Islam Soliman How about a game, the first 12 ppl to reach the meetin point and deflated and flags ON are IN😂😂 Obviously this shdnt apply to Lead and Support guys🤣🤣.
  13. Team WL vs Team Going ? I see Team WL is increasing every day 😄 ! 🤞
  14. Safe bet @Frederic :D - Atleast for Free drinks- I will hope and wish Belgium the best of luck ( Unless we have other lucrative offers )
  15. Congratulations @Bjoern for reaching the Fewbie Level ! am sure you will enjoy your level up !
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