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  1. Sorry Davie but from something that happened at work this evening, I now have to work tomorrow. Apologies for the late notice and hope to see you next time. James
  2. @Ale Vallecchitheres now 5 of us at the meeting pin. @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke was already here
  3. I am also suffering with a rapid onset of flu and really not feeling well. Again I’m gutted to pull out of the famous drive, but feel it’s the best decision. Have a great drive and look forward to the pictures.
  4. @Islam Soliman I removed myself from the driver earlier as I’m not feeling great, but I guess you took the member list just before I did so. Wanted to at least let you know. James
  5. @Chris Gotla did you say there was a video of my (second) attempt up the big dune?
  6. @Brette thanks for today. Was great. Can you post the link to the WhatsApp group please as I’m keen to learn more and sign up. Secondly can you share your 4 cylinder compressor model info. Was from DragonMart right? I’m keen to get one soon.
  7. @Islam Soliman Thanks for your message. After our first absolute newbie drive today I’m not able to get a compressor in time for tomorrow, and after visiting a number of garages this afternoon Anthony Cupit can’t get his flag attached, so we will both have cancel I’m afraid. Hope we can tackle both items this week and join you soon when we have all the mandatory equipment. Apologies for the late notice.
  8. Hi Brett, thanks for your note: Make : Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2014 Silver 4 Door - lifted Do you have any prior off-road experience? Two short drives with Off road Zone. Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Yes Confirm your vehicle has minimum of 8 inches of ground clearance. Yes
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