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  1. Thanks @Gaurav, count me in, anytime! I'll work on it in parallel as well from a personal point of view to find places. Some of the things I have in mind for diversification and growth is have a structure model for "Exploration/Expedition" drives. Requires detailing based on number of drives, planning and involved activities but it's something like: 1- Explorer 2- Adventurer 3- Pathfinder 4- Trail Blazer Some of the activities that can be done in addition to the drive itself is family and group-oriented activities. Some examples: 1- Create an equivalent of an egg hunt to help members sharpen their navigation skills while groups would enjoy looking for the hidden "eggs" with their cars as a family and in groups. 2- Create themes for drives where everyone gets involved during camping / picnics etc. Mexican Themes, Christmas etc...limitless options I am sure you get the gist of it, basically it is combining the off-roading passion with a community building, family-oriented approach which no other group offers in the region, not sure for the rest of the world. If I want to push the envelope a bit, it could be much grander things in times like this when there are multiple days off which also can help in marketing such as Expedition Drive to Oman or the Pyramids and back (This is wayyy too early) but you get it, I am sure. These can be potentially used both digitally (social media) and physically (car stickers for example) for completed major expeditions for participants as marketing. All in all, the idea is to mix off-roading passion with the core of Carnity, which is the community building. Let's see what can be done when the weather gets cooler. Thanks Mike
  2. Thanks @Frederic, as always. I look forward to them but I was also thinking on having something more predictable instead of adhoc. Let’s say if we start with one drive per month, let’s call them “Expedition Drives” instead of full fledge overlanding, where we get to discover and explore. I am sure there are places of interest in the northern emirates, no ? Combine that with some camping and some family activities then that is something that many will opt in with their families. Oman is definitely on the list but I am sure many would be ok with UAE expeditions as well. Even I don’t mind leading some drives once I get the hang of things. Will be doing it either way for the kids . I hear you loud and clear, I am sure the club has its set of priorities and objectives. Just sharing my 2 cents as I am sure there are many like-minded people in @Carnity and many more outside where such a thing can be appealing to them and their families.
  3. Hi @Carnity family, It has been an overwhelming and pleasurable experience to date with everything that the the club has to offer. No question about that. The high level of organization, structure and communication has been predominantly evident throughout the journey. While the majority of the experience has been mainly around "Sand Duning" [don't like the word bashing ], I was wondering if the club is willing to consider conducting Overlanding drives. I ask this assuming maybe everyone is busy preparing for the new season and now would be a good time to throw in this idea. @Gaurav, thank you for constantly accommodating my new ideas/suggestions, unfortunately this is part of who I am and what I do for a living [Always rocking the boat :)] Here is some food for thought, when the weather gets cooler of course: 1- Start small, maybe 1-2 drives per month, I am sure there are certain leaders who have a thing for Overlanding. 2- The drives would be naturally longer with more family and friends oriented activities as part of the overlanding experience, while bringing Carnity club members closer 3- If the number of subscribers increase and the concept gets traction, then the number of drives would increase per month 4- This would act as a new attraction to increase the number of new subscribers, as I am certain there is a significant amount of people looking for such a thing. In turn, this would naturally generate a new revenue stream for the club as I don't think there are many similar clubs offering this kind of drives 5- As we mature and grow within these kinds of drives, we can get creative in the types of family-oriented activities that can be done in such drives. What are your thought ladies and gents? Thanks Mike
  4. And it was so! @Vanessa8580has to agree on the dubbing as well I thought White Rhinos are rare. I just googled Blue Rhino and Turns out they have an explosive nature!
  5. @Warren Flay it was a pleasure driving behind you today. Thanks @Vanessa8580 for a comprehensive experience! Being my second fewbie drive, I am assuming there are not so many new things to be seen after today’s drive I guess @Waqas Parvez, hat’s off to you, you were a one-man army today! 💪🏻
  6. Thanks @Sunny84! Always a pleasure driving with you Pajero partner. Unfortunate to see you exit early today but I will see you on the sand real soon! Thanks for sharing the White Rhino colours. Waiting to see how and when you dub yours 💪🏻 Thanks @JeromeFJfor a great first fewbie experience. If I can summarize the drive in a few words I would say” High Performance mixed with Finesse”. It was an enjoyable and fluid flow of a drive. Thanks again for taking the time to share the tips and tricks as much as possible!
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