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  1. Thanks @Hisham Masaad. Hopefully this will give me the opportunity to explore the difference between “Yalla push” in FB Vs FB+ . Looking forward for more drives with you.
  2. Always a pleasure driving with you @Benjamin! You are almost there to hit the next level as well! Thanks @Looper! Looking forward to our next drive together to get some cool footage as a bonus
  3. Thanks @munkybizness, looking forward to driving with you soon.
  4. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau! @Carnitysupport team just added a serious arsenal of big guns to the lineup. Well deserved!
  5. Congrats @Patrick van der Loo! I think it will take 2 more promotions for the “Little Donkey” to start breaking a sweat. Always a pleasure to drive with you. Here’s to throwing more cars off edges Fast recovery!
  6. And more interesting challenges by you to keep me grounded Always Pajero partner!
  7. Thanks @Gaurav. Enjoying the journey in this family-like community. Thanking every convoy member, support, lead, marshal and crew member for all the tips, direct and indirect coaching wether here on the page or on the sand. Always looking forward to what comes next in this pleasant journey with the @Carnity family.
  8. Although it’s a hassle to upload photos for reasons I still didn’t figure out yet, I wanted to share a sample of the different terrains we went through in one day. Thanks one more time @Fredericfor this. In my mind, and this is purely based on personal preference of course, this is more what comes to mind when I think of “off-roading”. Looking forward for more to come and always ready to help out to take things forward in any way possible.
  9. @Patrick van der LooWith good intentions in mind, you can get away with almost anything ! See you in the next one, always a pleasure !
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