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  1. Hej @Frederic this autumn many challenges for me:( unfortunately i am forced to drop and i will not able to join you tomorrow evening. Have a great and safe drive!
  2. Hej @Damian i live in Dubai South, i have got a spare flag and suction, if you need it, pls let me know. I will join you only on the Saturday evening.
  3. Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday @Frederic and hopefully to see you this weekend.
  4. Hej Frederic, i will be ready to join you. Pls share the spot with me, whenever you have it and I will be there:)
  5. Great idea @Frederic especially about the donation. Not sure about my plans for this long weekend. Would it be an option to join you on Saturday evening? Whenever will you be .
  6. Hej @Carnity friends, my friend is coming to visit Dubai this weekend. He had supposed to have a private drive, but it was cancelled in the last moment. Do you know anyone/company who can offer it to him, he needs a car too. Thank you for any advice.
  7. All of we will miss you @Hisham Masaad so sad to read. Hopefully see you later.
  8. Hej @Frederic i will miss you but i am cancelling all plans for this weekend. Still not fully recovered. Have a great fun.
  9. Thank you @Gaurav for this great opportunity!! @Looper i sent you my application:)
  10. @Frederic I would like to join you, but due to my another weekend drive, i am only able to add myself to the wait list. Pls wait for me:)
  11. Well deserved @Mohit Gurnani enjoy it! and see you next time.
  12. @Looper and @Hisham Masaad Gents, I am forced to withdraw myself from this drive:( I have a cold and i am not getting better enough fast.. Have a great fun.
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