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  1. it was wiring problem in my sony music system which was touching somewhere it was not suppose to do went to satwaa and got it fixed in 20 AED
  2. so what was the final discovery that you have made why were the seats so slow?
  3. weather what should be done that only if and when you get the brakes checked you will know. Maybe the brakes need to be changed.
  4. How do you know battery is fine. Even if its blinking led it might be low to transmit the signal or maybe the remote is not working. Cheaper fix is battery than chnaging remote, so change the battery first and then jump for remote.
  5. Changing the radiator is always a good idea.
  6. For body modification you can visit naif deira in Dubai and for engine you can check with Ramy trading in Deira or Icon auto on szr.
  7. It seems some problem with ecu, get the computer check and see why fault code I shows then we can understand what is wrong where.
  8. It's perfectly fine to change as far as you change the oil within specified kms.
  9. its the CC is not working then check the switch and then the connection.
  10. remove the hose at caliper end by removing the banjo bolt and washers. the nut has to be loosen at the body end. Remove the clip holding and pull it out.
  11. you should check the throttle valve control module connector if it is loose.
  12. It can be that the Coil Pack has to be changed as well.
  13. This is usually the problem with evaporator. the Evaporator is blocked and the tube that goes through the firewall on the passenger side is throwing out collected water.
  14. When you open the bonnet you will see the bulb from inside and unscrew the old bulb and replace it with new one.
  15. Also slap the the brake light cover and tap gently. Some time unexplainable electrical glictches get solved there. Trust me im not joking
  16. Also doubt on air seals, especially manifolds one and butterfly ones. Good luck, mate.
  17. Change the brake sensor too, which actually communicate with the ABS block to tell that there is something wrong (brake finishing etc). If you have already changed the brake sensor in pad and drum and still getting this ABS light, it means that there is something actually wrong in brake lines, brake fluid system, ABS modulator (block) itself, Master cylinder. Get computerized check to read which fault code it shows. Diagnostic guys should able to read that code and translate into which part is faulty for you. Go to good garage mate.
  18. It is fuse only which is not working. That ti ti noise is the alarm from anti theft and not car horn. Check the fuses.
  19. Not always, but sometimes yes. Get the car scan with VAG diagnostic tool and see the fault code on which part its pointing.
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