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  1. Guys which scrapyard is that, share some info here please.
  2. By your own, you can only check the fuses and relays to make sure there is nothing burnt/not working, if it is then change those and see if it helps. More than that checking the instrument cluster for gauge inspection you need to take it to mechanic or rather mechanic first and then electrician.
  3. Seems like the guage is died on you, seek a mechanic and check if they can repair or may be advise who can in Dubai or Sharjah. If not ultimately you got to replace it. Before jumping on this better check all the fuses and relay are working on it. These electronics are really funny sometime. 2000 dhs problem can get fxied in 50dhs.
  4. It looks like first you should get the gearoil and gear filter changed immediately. If its still jerking in gear shift than show to any gear workshop they can rebuild the gear. There is one in Aweer (ras al khor) main road, when you come from dubai towards hatta on Hatta oman way get into service lane after eppco and keep driving staright and its on ur right hand side, dont know the name precisely. I think its DEXOL.
  5. Godd, great, grand. Audi selling more cars in region. Terrific.
  6. Better get the full diagnostic done, as in older non ECU controlled cars this seems like a missing issue. But in modern day car it needs to be diagnosed with proper VAG compliant OBDII tool. It may be a as small issue as missing or cyclinder misfiring due to to bad spark plugs, or lead. Or it could be something serious and faulty in gearbox.
  7. You can visit VIP German garage in rashidiya, they are nice and not so expensive like dealers especially for older cars. Also you can try fw in Al Quoz area behind Time square center.
  8. Hi All Im carter, working with Emaar in Emaar business park and driving Audi since i was a baby.
  9. There was on sludge bilder recall but not on oil pump. I had same in past and remember vaguely.
  10. There may be fuel filter issue, better change if you havent changed in long time. Then doubt CKPS if it happens again.
  11. Sounds like water temp sending sensor is faulty, change that first as its cheap.
  12. change gear oil and filter as its gear downshift jerk. Quite common in audi gearbox if oil is contaminated.
  13. usually crank seal or oil pan seal wear out. With 6 years old Audi i wont bother much for once in 2 month top up. Just forget it and dont sweat mate.
  14. It need computer programming. I doubt anyone outside will do it. you need to visit the dealer.
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