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  1. Its quite weird, in that case you need to seek a good mechanic who can open the fuel tank and see what is troubling or stuck inside.
  2. Coolant doesnt make any smoke, it evaporate if i am not wrong. Check for exhaust leak at manifold gasket or some other joints and gasket around the engine.
  3. EPC means "Electronic Power Control" and it means that there is something wrong with your cars electronic systems. This may points to a serious problem with one of your cars systems or could be as simple as bad wiring (especially if your car has any added after-market components). EPC refers to the drive by wire system. This system, generally speaking, encompasses the throttle pedal and its position sensors and the throttle body. Most likely, the EPC light and its associated faults for this scenario are a symptom, not the problem. Meaning the actual root cause is causing the no-start/no crank issue AND fault codes related to the EPC system. And the most likely root cause is an ignition switch, NOT the engine speed sensor. With a bad engine speed sensor, the car will still crank all damn day (or until the battery dies) but the car won't start. Furthermore, the info regarding the actual Check Engine Light was on. This means that system was point to find the trouble but delayed resposne thrown another code for EPC so that you dont do any guess work and shoot the bug. You should get the OBD scan to find out what is the trouble code for EPC and see if anyother trouble code shown in Engine management system.
  4. i just changed the fuel filter on my 2005 Audi S6 and the car was fine but i have noticed that the fuel is getting empty faster . so when i opened the hood I noticed that fuel is dripping down from the bottom connection. what do i do
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