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  1. Well after that you can suspect the air flow control system: Air filter, Throttle body, Air Flow Mass Sensor. etc.
  2. Well if fuel pump is good, I would doubt on spark plugs, HT lead and Ignition coil in respective priority. If fuel burning process has some minor glitch then this little hesitation can be possible and its too little to get recorded in car engine management system that you will not get any fault code. Or wait until it increase and can get recorded in fault code so that you can pinpoint and address it more specifically.
  3. Its one hell of a beauty since 1994. Living legend and prestige marquee for 20 years.
  4. That's quiet an outstanding job with great results. Do you mind explaining how long it took and how much rubbing effort was involve. I tried something similar with rubbing compound in past and didn't made so big of difference.
  5. @Imran: Slight hesitation can't be due to bad spark plugs or plug wires as in that case he will also feel other severe notable misbehavior like uneven idle, missing, loss of power etc. To my mind if its just a few seconds hesitation at startup then two things come to my mind that you can check and clean. First it may be air flow related, in that case clean the air filter or get it changed if its too old. Get throttle body clean up. Get air flow meter sensor clean up. After all this air flow clean up restart car and drive for a day and then judge the hesitation again. Second doubt goes to the gearbox, In that case you can get the gearbox checked and if gear oil and oil filter hasn't been changed since long time, then better get it changed asap as many times so many gear and initial gear (1st and 2nd gear) problems get cured with oil change. Keep us posted.
  6. Perfectly described, emphasised, made fun, signified and brutally embarrassed the careless drivers. I usually use indicators, but sometime I admit I do take it for granted. After reading this I am sure I will be a good boy
  7. Unicip makes performance chip for audi, check on their website and understand the power gain and fuel saving vs the cost of unichip.
  8. You can try with parts shops in deira, sharjah and naif. However it might be tough, so do include online options and use Aramex shop and save option, its really nice and economical courier option compare to standard Aramex or DHL rates.
  9. Whats the point of fb page, its a useless waste of time anyways.
  10. LED brightness is adjusted by ballast with which it is supplied. Changing from VAG COM will not help either. You need to change the xenon ballast to deliver more lumens brightness. This stuff surely sounds very interesting and i love to hear more as what you do in reality to fix. Keep us posted.
  11. Hi Angie, Welcome aboard dear, don't worry as you have come to very right place for seeking the real world advise - BS. lol. So far my Audi is fine, but in past same happen with my Touareg and exactly same explanation got from dealer, looks like German car upholstery can't withstand Dubai heat and give up in few years. It's actually the foam German car uses cause this issue as in higher end vehicle they want to make vehicle headliner as plush and soft as possible and embed the foam in between the Alcantra and the headboard. Only permanent fix to this is to completely remove the headliner and scrape off entire broken foam and re glue the same Alcantra (not quiet possible in fabric) with Bison Kit, that withstand UAE heat as much as possible. Only drawback is you will loose that soft touch feel in headliner, big deal....? All Japanese and American cars have same. You can visit Polimar Motors (04 3412799) and show the roof and get estimate and then visit Sara auto care (04 3400265) and do the same to double check the difference. They both are in Al quoz backside, call them and get location as i cant recall their exact place. Polimar will be on higher than Sara, but by visiting two you will do the due diligence. I got my Touareg done from Sara for 1200 dhs in one full day, whereas Polimar quoted me 4000 dhs and 4 days. Whereas they both explained the same procedure and showed me their previous work as well. Sara gave me 1 year guarantee as well. Good luck, if you need any more help let us know. Happy to help.
  12. This place really helped me a lot and i hope i have returned that help to others with my experience. I like to see thousand's of Audi owners here and making this place as Audi talking hub. I see so many Audi on road but very few ppl talk here. Why....?
  13. While checking the fuse uou also need to check the seat button itself. These electrical intermittent issues have very notorious impression for freaking out after a while of age. A qualified electrician should able to diagnose both in no more than an hour.
  14. That's very strange and sad to hear. Does anyone facebook local number, as i remember seeing sometime back that they are going to open mideast branch in dubai internet city. Lets get together and make a visit to their office to ask what nonsense they do for few extra dollars under the table and in ads commitment. I always wonder that how much full page ad in gulfnews cost, which audi places almost every alternate day. why so much noise and show bizness.
  15. Never trust drive arabia stuff, as i heard that they have personal grudges against so many car brands and write bad reviews for revenge. See the above recall is for US and not for GCC cars, dont get confuse guys as we drive totally different specs cars here and their good-bad is different from US and German specs.
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