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  1. The Audi A9 Hybrid Sports Sedan is similar to the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept which is designed by Daniel Garcia from Spain, that has published a vision for a future Audi hybrid car. The Audi A9 would aim to be in a league of its own: over-styled, uber-luxury hybrid sports saloons. Audi has not given any indication yet that it wants to give a reply to BMW Vision concept, designers from Ingolstdat having another vision in future of the brand image and focus on other projects. Garcia has declared that some of the lines of the concept car were inspired by architect Santiago Calatrava's buildings in Valencia. As for that opaque front wind-ceiling, he says it's made of "as-yet undiscovered nanotechnology material" that could fix itself and could be color/tint self adjusted. By the time a market for something like this existed, it's very likely that Audi could have the gasoline engine / in-wheel electric motors Garcia suggests. Audi A9 variance would seek to take leadership in their commercialise, hybrid sports car, which subsequently will convert a “killer” technologically furthered edition of the Panamera. Audi A9 Hybrid Sports Sedan concept is stunning! I love the cars of the future as their design is flawless and as smooth as you can imagine. I know that they’re just concepts and they suffer a lot of changes until they become series cars, but they are worth admiring. And this particular concept look fierce! Car companies like Maserati and Porsche are well know for the sports car designs, but companies such as these often release concept cars - or prototypes - at motorshows before going into production. This way they can gauge consumer reactions to the designs before starting manufacturing. These concepts give us a real glimpse of how cars may look in the future, creative designs which push the boundaries in terms of technology and materials used, creating concepts which are imaginative and revolutionary. Source: http://hubpages.com/hub/Audi-A9-Hybrid-Sports
  2. All new Audi A7 four-door coupe is another. The new variant of the 2012 years TFSI quattro is equipped with a 3.0-liter engine, which is based on the new Audi A6 sedan, which is also in 2012 model year. Both models are identical to the transmission, engine and other components. What makes the Audi A7 is a stand out from the crowd with a style that is inspired by the race, ditching the trunk door and a four-seat interior. The Audi A7 is stable impressive car of one of the leading manufacturers of luxury automobiles. Its most impressive in terms of design should be separated from its line of sport-inspired ceiling, which gives the car a global proportion. Before the signature sports Audi's trapezoidal grille wide and deep, flanked by xenon headlights and air dam-style LED. You can also opt for LED headlights are optional. The rear of the new Audi is double exhaust pipes and neatly arranged rear lights, which are placed in a confident player and a low dashboard. Audi A7 Review is one that has long been expected, since the first Audi announced. Like all other Audi cars, too many lavish interiors can boast. The sloping rear hatch and coupé design that restrict the space of a cargo loading if you want to keep things high. However, this restriction is not, fortunately, the rear seats, as expected. It has enough space for tall people, without banging your head against the roof of the new Audi, but the entrance is a drain. The split-folding rear seats in a 60:40 ratio, which facilitates the loading of cargo. This new Audi car, wearing leather interior, which easily accommodate four people. The cottage is also well-cut, using some of the highest quality materials. The dashboard of this car is old enough to read, and its elegant dashboard, which contains the controls for navigation, audio and climate control. Audi A7 after investigation it was found that the engine delivers 310 horsepower 3.0L V6 and a maximum torque of 325 foot pounds. It also has an acceleration time from 0 to 60 km / h in just 5.4 seconds, which is pretty impressive for its small engine. Audi A7 test is a pleasure for any car enthusiast, because it certainly meets all the expectations that the won before publishing. Source: http://hubpages.com/hub/New-Audi-A7-An- ... -Performer
  3. Check out the awesome video on youtube of AUDI TT - AMAZING!!! http://youtu.be/vPzT9G-NM5I
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