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  1. mark


  2. I myself got curious with this Gypsy now, and found some good looking modified avatars fit for off-road bashing including one venturing with LR defender, really..!
  3. mark

    Car Parking

    Car park A cards (old ones / current plan as of 24 May 2016) can use the new upcoming car parking A, B, C and D. Car park B cards (old ones / current plan as of 24 May 2016) can use the new upcoming car parking B and D zones only. New Car Parking zones will be implemented in Dubai from 28 May 2016 onward. I got this info from RTA website and then double checked with RTA toll free number: 800 90 90 as I myself wanted to be sure on this car park zones and their new codings.
  4. Hi Neo, It's a very basic stuff you need, you can go to any random decent size workshop and you are good to go. You don't need specialize garage as unusually they will charge extra for their expertise. You can buy original parts by yourself once it's identified that you need these many exact spare parts and ask them to fit it.
  5. I agree, it may be the most unluckiest incident happen with deand....! I have seen many fortuner driving just fine.
  6. $ Toyota heading got me really curious to click. It's hard to comment on how much $ Toyota make from UAE, but as per Toyota official site it says that they sold 683,000 cars in Middle East in 2012. Increasing that to 700k in 2015 should be acceptable. Even if we divide that number by 10 for the UAE market, so assuming Toyota must have sold 70,000 cars in UAE in 2015. Marking 150,000 AED per car on average from 80k (cheapest) to 250K (expensive) Toyota car in the UAE. Putting 10% profit (approx) = 15,000 AED profit per car or 4k USD. $ Toyota from UAE = 4K USD per car x 70K Cars = 280 Million USD profit from UAE (roughly 1.4% of total Toyota profit). Disclaimer: All above are just estimate for fun and curiosity.
  7. OK guys, not everything expressed on forums have emotions attached as it's just a bloody fucking words. What technician is meaning or pointing is quite right and also required to identify or double check the fair and honest mechanic or workshop advise. Not everything in Dubai auto repair market need to be taken fully as-is as there are 100's of conman workshop waiting to rip you for 3000 AED for an hour job that cost less than 300 AED. I myself encountered this in two scenario and when confronted, same guy did the job in 1/8 of the initial quote and within 2 hour me standing on their head. What treks is saying is not to take this DIY knowledge mechanic experience too serious and professionally. Which is also right. Peace guys, you both are good and right in your own way. Chill.
  8. This was an awesome event and too bad I missed it. Looks like you guys had full blast. Nice vid.
  9. Not sure about this, as never heard. I dont mind paying 200 AED to anyone for coming and cleaning my car and taking good pictures and then posting my ads on all 100's of car classifieds site with single email and my contact number.
  10. Gaurav: little off track, I am curious to see your Pajero shape to understand the difference what you are referring.
  11. Good to hear that great icon will be kept alive. Thanks to the military use, and hey Dubai Police also uses lot of Xterra's. Why these govt boys use X over FJC, cost effective or due to capability....?
  12. Well said article, just another point could have also made in the list about VVVVVVVVIP people selling cars, who have no time to answer calls and no time for viewing. Hate those ads' Please be available on phone and for viewing when you want to sell your car. Don't put ad and if you are busy. Car selling will require sometime, so be ready.
  13. I have driven with almost4x4 guys for some time and they far more organized and safer club to drive in neighborhood who respect cars and life (enuf said).
  14. I have seen some engine flush and other engine oil additives in few ADNOC which is further down the RAK side. Call ADNOC and check which one sells those stuff and try if it helps, this thread is getting really interesting now.
  15. IMHO, GT-R is over hyped and corvette is understated. If I have to choose with that kind of money I will put my bet on vette although I am not big fan of american standard cars, but they do good with their musle cars.
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