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  1. kadar

    Car Parking

    Car Parking in Dubai have changed lately and all I know that they classify into A,B,C,D zones unlike before A and B. All car park comes with increase rates and increased walking distance from office yet another reason to force us to consider public transport now. My question is if I have a B card from past can I park in new B,C,D parking OR only in C,D parking OR only in D Parking? I wasted 30 minutes researching this fact and then come to you guys for quick help. Have a good day guys.
  2. Just received two fines last month on al fursan street aka al twar street where Dubai police placed trash can looking hidden speed camera to flash the speeding vehicle from back. Road limit is 60 kmph so almost everyone speed there and this camera turn out to be a great spot for fishing speeding cars. Just googled now and spotted several facebook post and khaleej times news claiming that these cameras have caught 35,000 cars in almost two month. Want to share this hidden speed cam news here, to warn every speeding driver so that you don't go out of budget this month with hefty fines. I hate to pay such heavy fines, but I know and agree it's my mistake.....gggggrrrrrr. wht to do.
  3. In my opinion, buying a used OEM compressor at quarter price is best bet than the non-genuine. As hot months are approaching fast and there is a strong possibility that non-genuine might fail in UAE extreme heat.
  4. Mashallah, this is something we have never seen before in the world. Doing so much serious car stunts in controlled environment on the most busiest road in the country. Good job everyone who made this possible.
  5. This is really new and interesting news I came across, that Dubai Police is planning to launch Al Mutabea camera to catch and fine long queue jumpers and driver who crosses white solid lines, and cut the traffic flow illegally. I love Dubai Police for these creative idea's to make Dubai roads safer for everyone.
  6. its sure not battery, as that will have multiple cranbking and not only long crank. one long crank means good battery.
  7. Good list buddy and nice to put all links in one place handy, I used to offroad long ago with a club called dubai desert club. I am not sure wehter it's still there or not. We use to do different level of drives from small level to expert level and every one can join any drive as per their own level and comfort. we use to be in an round dubai only and sometime went to sweihan side. Mostly used to be asian crowd with very few arabic boys.
  8. I have been looking for toyota camry since few days and it seems all are expensive as its toyota. saw one good but it jerks litlle bit while driving, i dont think (may be wrong) that its gear jerk but its jerking randomly otherwise as its not always please help in find out why this jerking and more expensive or less expensive to fix as i am getting good deal by less than 3000 dhs from other camries.
  9. You should not have suffered so much for so little stuff man. Every AUTO car has shift lock release button close-by for emergency in case of battery failure then that brake swithc might not work. And always those shift release lock has some simple procedure to by pass that shift lock. PLeas find attch below two fix: One is to open the shift lock rlease button small plastic cap and insert any screwdriver which is atleast 10 cm long and you can release that lock. More than likely it seems fuse in engine bay must be blown, check and change that fuse. If you dont have same 15 AMP fuse then you can replace with neigboring fog light fuse and get it change befor the foggy season arrive. It cost 2 AED. If my solution fix your problem, please like post. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Mankool, but my car is 1988 Civic that need whole lot more transformation than just a paint correction, but anyways thanks for your help.
  11. Does anyone know here garage who loves to transform older much-loved beauties to new avatars. Im not seeking cheap-asshole-fake-businesses who claim they can do everything and make a bill of 10k for a regular cleaning of 50 AED. I have an old car like in this video who I really like to restore at my own pace with someone knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  12. Is there any place I can find the Hyundai Accessories in Dubai, as everywhere I try they say they have this and that but only fit Toyota, Nissan and Honda (all japs) no accessories for hyundai. Why like this, no idea. I want arm rest, gps in side the of\\dashboard, back screen (may be), additional antenna for clear FM and good looks, good but small spoiler. And I am tired of searchoing everwere. Please help anyone.
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