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  1. Hey All Sliders and Gliders, I like to share some great secret about your car today, after knowing which you and your life will be eternally blessed and you will always thank me for sharing this great secret. It is something so important, that it can save your life on road and your loved ones inside your car. Not majority of car owners in Dubai actually knows this great secret yet, so you will be the one among privileged one to know this and keep sharing with others if you care. I am sure if we all know this great secret then we all will be so happy on road and stop fighting, showing fingers and loosing temperament. Now, without taking your time further I should really come straight to the point and share this great secret. In every car built from 1962 onward, every car manufacturer has hidden this little stick under the steering wheel on left hand side that can actually capable of illuminating the exterior lights. If you move that stick down, exterior lights on your left will be illuminated and if you move that stick up in the air then all exterior light towards your right will be illuminated. You can or rather should use this most advance technology lights which car manufacturer calls indicating light to indicate your intention of moving to left lane or right lane. Sliding in other person lane is extremely rude without indicating your intentions with that little hidden stick under your steering wheel (if you forgot, its on your left hand side of the steering wheel). I am sure you don't care enough of being rude or not as we are in free world today, but think of your safety first as if you slide in other person lane without indicating at speed of 100 kmph then that other person might get panic and hit your car which can roll your car at 200 kmph (100 x 2) and will instantly capable of killing you and your loved one in few seconds. If you have been so patient in reading till here, I am sure you were interested in knowing this advance technology secret so why not share this great secret with everyone you know that can actually save so many lives, mood, time and accidents on Dubai roads.
  2. There are so many free vin decoder online, just google them and punch your VIN number. It will tell you build date, engine, which factory its built, full option or not and lot of other details. Secondly if car is registered here in Dubai then every mulkia (registration card) carry that year of manufacturing. I assume you want to double check the car before buying, which is very good as some clever or novice seller who bought car in Oct they love to call the next year model and i am sure if you caught them, then this is the same explanation you will get....I bought car in 2005 Oct Nov and bla bla so its actually 2006 model..... Yeah right!
  3. I just got my 2000 Audi TT master cylinder replaced but after that i am having problems with my brakes.
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