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  1. hey guys!! I recently got the chance to take an Audi A6 for a drive around sheikh zayed. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is the life. Performance: check; Interior: Check. Best driving experience I have ever had.
  2. Audi does have online manuals hidden away but they majorly make you order one so they dont promote their online manuals. See if this website helps you with the kind of car you have or just in general! http://theglovebox.net/
  3. Its good you chose a forum to base your research on. there are many review websites out there but for every new buyer personal experiences are the most important and usually hard to find. anyways, to begin this discussion id like to say that personally its one of the best hatchbacks produced by Audi.
  4. Hi guys ... I have owned my A5 08 for quite some time now and a few weeks ago I noticed a little hesitation when i switch to drive ... it only lasts a few seconds but a person driving it can easily notice it ... iv drove other audis and they don't do that. The pick up is pretty smooth. i noticed the same hesitation when it comes to a stop as well ... just a few seconds but its there. I am very particular about my ride and wanted to know if I can have it fixed. i don't mind taking it to the dealership but I want to know the reason for it first before I let them touch my car. thanks
  5. when there is white smoke coming from under the hood. What can i do to stop the smoke.
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