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  1. I completely fell in love with the Audi after watching The Transporter series. Damn! This car is all that and much more. It has super high economy, well equipped and great performance.
  2. i was always happy with my A3 but unfortunately it had a fuel leak problem. i sold the car and then found out that some A3s of the 10/11 model had that problem .. think it was later fixed by audi after installing anti-vibration weights to the fuel pipes. As far as its running here in the UAE was concerned. I was a happy owner till this problem surfaced.
  3. CV joints aka constant velocity joints present between drive shafts and wheel. They are used to transmit power and basically make your car move. clicking noise ? Thats vague, what else did your friend notice?
  4. Umm just a question ... do you feel any sort of resistance when you try to accelerate? Seems to be coming up as a common problem with audi ... no matter which model you have.
  5. Out of the hype I got a performance chip and my battery lasted for hardly a year and a half after that. I would rather invest in a better car without need to add performance chips to it.
  6. Sounds like a problem with the wiring harness. you might want to look out for bent or cut wires. Its kind of an easy fix but you need to have some prior knowledge. I had a friend fix mine a couple of years ago since he used to fix up these kind of issues on his own and saved up a lot of money. For starters just see if you can find any damaged wires or cut ones ... reconnect them and tape them up and see if your issues are fixed. Also do a re-connect of the battery just in case (for your interior lights and dash lights problem)
  7. Sorry I would never get a performance chip on a luxury car. Majority of the time, people are interested in performance chips due to the added speed. You should not get into that unless you will be participating in a race. Moreover, these chips have a couple of downsides as well. If you think logically, they increase the pressure on the car's engine and the overall performance instead of genuinely improving it. Anything this chip does to your car after installing it .. is not covered by warranty since it overrides the performance of the original chip and system installed in the car.
  8. Karan Good idea. If that system has a separate fuel injector perhaps for cold starts or a cold start sensor. But it's a good idea to at least check the basics in any cold start issue.
  9. Hello everyone, I am planning to add a rear and front bull bar on my Q5 to protect the bumpers from random scratches, etc. Do you guys think it is a good idea to do that? its just a precautionary measure. i don't like the looks of it but i am doing this for my car
  10. Guys, I think a person should buy a roadster or a convertible at least once in his lifetime even if he isn't fond of them. It's just a different kind of experience and being an audi fan I think there is no better convertible than the Audi TT roadster. Good luck in your decision and congrats in advance if its a yes
  11. i totally disagree carlson ... yes there is a difference of almost $ 8700 but the TTS is totally worth it. The difference is the same as the A3 and the S3 ... everybody seems to love the TTS and you can't blame them ... sure they have to settle with the TT model since an approx. $10k difference isn't that nice but the 270 bhp is enough to convince someone ... the engine and performance of the TTS is better as well and lets not forget the add-ons like the interiors, exteriors, wheels and styling. Also i think i see more TTS's on the road than the TT these days.
  12. the cruse control has stopped working what went wrong i am not sure Please somebody help me
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