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  1. Thats no surprise, the audi A8 is the best amongst all the audis. Whats more to know?
  2. Oh yes ... Upgrade your ECU which will further increase the engine power if you don't have one already.. that is what i wanted to add to what kapoor and abbaz said ... an upgraded EDU will help your engine to fun faster in many ways.
  3. yes both of these aspects work well .... modifications of these kind help your car in various ways ... and there is another thing you can do which i can't recall at the moment will jot it down when i remember
  4. Which transmission do you have? auto or manual?
  5. You need to check the transmission fluid and see if there is some that needs to be added. At times if the car is not moving properly and the owner feels that it has something to do with the transmission (gears not lubricated, etc), he or she should check the fluid first. Solves 90 percent of the problem if it is low on fluid.
  6. Hello everyone Rashid if you had a leaking injector, the car would start right up but run ragged until the excess fuel from the leaking down the night before burned off.
  7. They improve the efficiency and performance of your car. They come under the 'toys for boys' category since they are accessories that do not come from the factory and they actually replace the factory chip under the hood which has the factory enabled fuel consumption for efficiency. With a performance chip your car can intake less fuel and go faster and performance efficiently ... is it true I am yet to find out. If you are a kind of a guy who likes playing with their cars then try it out by all means.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, i am looking forward to buying the standard since I think its suit my style better. Moreover, i was reading reviews of the Audi TT roadster and it provided that the roadster has to be kept more clean die to its convertible nature. You know how it is in the UAE too dusty so I will stick with the standard!
  9. Well, the TTS models are more expensive ... but the TTS leaves Audi TT behind with its engine ... it comes packed with a four cylinder, 2 litre, turbocharged, 265 horsepower engine with a torque of 258 ft pounds. It takes 4.9 seconds to hit a 60 mph for the TTS ... TT does that in 5.9 seconds. Personally i would stick to the Audi TT ... the price difference is more than the modifications made to the TTS
  10. Hi fellas, I am a big Audi TT coupe fan ... however at the same time I can't seem to make up my mind about buying the roadster or the standard coupe? Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of the two .. where I should rest my case?
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