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  1. Is this really a production car as it seems like a concept car curls and curves, which often get trashed and thrashed in production line.
  2. To be honest, wait until it fails completely as after many lesson learned with the maintenance done based on educated guess cost 10 times more than actually required in most of the case. Im sure real season car fixer owner can confirm my theory. It may be sensor of some fuse or wire causing this, but unless it's failed 100% it's very hard to get caught. My two cents.
  3. I just love the front grill design and how meticulously small fog lights are hidden, so neat and not like 2010 Mustang having a steam engine size fog light on your face. Well done Galpin and Fisker. Keep it up guys.
  4. Self learning tech seems more intuitive and practical than the self driving car. Self (idea) is enough to do the parking but not drive on crazy humans filled roads that always surprise me. I would be happy to use self driving car to get my car started, switch on the AC and bring out herself from parking and right in front of me and then I DRIVE......Period.
  5. Your kid deserves all the love and care from you, without being ignorant or inconsiderate while driving your car. It is after all for the safety of your baby, where you as a parent decide where your kid gonna sit, how he or she sits, whether the kiddo is buckled up and safe to ride with you...all these matter. And ‘Never on your lap’ is a golden rule to remember. According to last year reports, in 2014, a child died every week in UAE road accidents, and in most cases it was as a result of their parents failing to buckle them up. Studies have also shown and accidents have proven that wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death or serious injuries by 40-65 percent on the front seats, but when it comes to your little ones, if not properly buckled up in child seat, this figure goes up to 80 percent. Damn. Although there is no law yet regarding child car seat in UAE. However, there is a law for not letting the kids under the age of 10 in front seat and doing so will invite a fine of Dhs 400 and 4 traffic black points. Similar law to this is in proposal stage for a child seat and also Dubai police highly recommend using appropriate child seat as per the age and height of the kids. Drivers failing to buckle up a child in an appropriate child seat may face the charge of endangering a person's life. If your loved one is less than one year old, he or she should be seated in a child car seat while if your child is six-nine months old or weighing under 10 kgs, he or she should be put in rear-facing child car seat, which should rest at a 45-degree angle and the seat belt should not move more than 2.5 cm. The chest clip of the seat should be near your baby’s chest at armpit level. And if your kid is nine months to four years of age and weighing 9 kgs -18 kgs, seats can face forward for the children. You could refer the car manual to install it properly. The shoulder straps should be near or below the child’s shoulders with a gap that allows one finger between the strap and chest. Grown up children, in the age group of four to six years of age and weighing 15 kgs - 25 kgs, can have the luxury of seat boosters at the back seat. Support cushions can be used for children in the age group of 6 years -11 years and weighing 22kg-36kg. Ensure to use the lap and shoulder combination belt so that your child’s head is supported by the top of the booster. Children over these age and weight groups can be buckled up in the seat belts provided in the car. Do not let your child sit on the lap of other passengers or the driver and never ever leave the child alone in the car.
  6. I couldn't agree more on milen thoughts. +10000000 Almost are same except very few who understand the meaning and value of customer service, and believe that monopoly exist but only in their brand and still customers are free to change brand in their next car buy.....!
  7. I am no expert on mitsu, but this is very typical condition when car manufacturer chooses mid-range AC compressor in big and bulky car that has lot of room to cool it and that's why in extreme heat AC cooling give out. You can only upgrade to bigger SUV AC compressor if you are really very sensitive on this point. Any good AC expert can advice you what will happily fit your current AC compressor slot or do bit of google and see if anyone has upgraded their AC compressor in Pajero?
  8. Damn never heard of this and even if it's true how much difference we are talking 100 Liters vs 98 Liters or like 100 vs 90...?
  9. You can try the few shops in Sharjah tire market next to Sahara mall, they sell and install TJM bumper as well. This can be lot cheaper than Ramy option, I have one friend who drives Land Cruiser in Desert Safari and he got his bumper with nice fog lights pre-installed from those shops.
  10. Finally got the GOD DAMN NOT AT ALL AWAITED GRUESOME KILLING WALLET BREAKING BUDGET SHATTERING hit now. Eplus - > up by 28.6% Special -> up by 24.4% Super -> up by 22.9% REALLY........!
  11. Unbelievable technological disadvantage of bloody E-Age Two hackers killed a 2014 Jeep Cherokee through a cellular connect into an entertainment system with a piece of software that can kill remotely and controls brakes, steering, audio system, wipers, headlights and what not................. Main story at wired: http://www.wired.com/2015/07/hackers-remotely-kill-jeep-highway/ Video: https://thescene.com/watch/wired/hackers-wireless-jeep-attack-stranded-me-on-a-highway
  12. Has anyone tried the app for car-pooling and registration process yet, as now I am really curious after seeing few possibilities around me. I may or may not consider depending upon the hassle and associated BS.
  13. Congrats on your new ride, do share the pics and let us know your experience after few days. I am sure you will enjoy it. Good luck.
  14. You are right man, this seems they are helping people to use car pool and looks like they doing it through app (only) to have better control over drivers in terms of mobile usage. They may be tracking drivers through their mobile devices, just a thought....(sci-fi thought). Give app a try and see what it ask you to share your ride, gulf news news is quite credible. Give it a go if you have people to share ride around you. I wish I could....!
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