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  1. You can also put the hood up so and use the AC. I agree though that hood down is pretty bad when it is during summer months.
  2. You might also want to check if there are any problems with the control panel. Since you are going to the electrical expert anyways better make their work efficient and suggest to check that first.
  3. I just love convertible. Have fresh air once in a way is really great and at the same time saves the environment.
  4. Below are the pictures of the DKW Munga: Very cute right?
  5. During what times does the check light come on and off? Does it happen constantly or only when you are driving?
  6. Thank you for the warning. I won't mess around with it anymore. She might kill me if I lose the warranty. lol. I will try to push the TP switch later and see if that is what was causing it.
  7. I'll try to take it apart later. Will the warranty be void if I try to fiddle around with it? I am not yet sure if her car has a warranty or if the warranty covers accessories like radio.
  8. Have you checked if all of the bulbs are working properly? I mean, you might want to check if the message is correct or not first. If the problem is the bulb then simply replace. If not then it could be the computer.
  9. My friend has a problem with the reception on her radio. She has an Audi A3 and likes to listen to music. For some reason her radio suddenly lost reception. The radio is still on but it doesn't seem to get the stations.
  10. You might want to start with electrical mirror fuse so that you will be able to see if there are any electricity coming in to the mirror. When you replace the fuse make sure not to replace it with the with a higher rating.
  11. Taaj, have you checked if the noise is coming from the engine? I have seen a lot of people in the internet complaining about how their Audi A6's engine would cause some scratching sound all the time. You might want to start from there.
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