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  1. Hi guys, Can anyone be so kind to give me some information on oxygen sensors. i dont know what they are for but i would certainly like to know when I should be getting them changed. I own an A4 11 Whats the average km that an oxygen sensor works for? Thanks everyone.
  2. I have heard that the Audi A8 luxury sedan has the best interiors ever, in fact it has been chosen as a car with incomaprable interiors. Is that true? what is the latest on this vehicle anyways?
  3. I get the basic function of the CV joints, more elaboration would be appreciated. What is the process to have them fixed to replaced? costs and time involved?
  4. Hello everyone, this evening my friend was driving my A4 around with me seated next to him. He noticed a clicking noise and suggested something along the lines of getting the CV joints checked/greased, etc. He sounded concerned because he said that it can result in a serious axle failure which scared me since my A4 is not so old. He offered me some help but i had to get home quick so came back. Might not see him this week since he will be in Abu Dhabi ... which also means that i might not have any support in terms of my CV joints ... What are CV joints and what should I do? just grease them?
  5. in addition to what abbaz said you can add a cold air intake since the factory one is a plastic air box with a built-in filter. A less restrictive cold air intake system and air filter will improve the air flow into the engine. This just means that the engine will breathe faster.
  6. Follow this process: 1. Park car on a level surface, just to check the exact level of the fluid inside your car. Car should be running - Neutral should be fine. 2. Keep a cloth/towel with you. 3. You need to find the auto-trans fluid dipstick located on the passenger side under the hood - usually at the back of the engine. Its labelled transmission. 4. Take the dipstick out and wipe it thoroughly 5. Replace it in the holder and then take it out again, this time don't wipe it and look at it closely. The fluid needs to meet the Warm-Full wording. If it does not then you need to add more fluid to the trans. 6. Turn your car off. Place the dipstick back in the holder. Fill up the trans with fluid till the Warm-Full level and repeat steps above to be certain of the level of the fluid inside the trans. 7. Do not overfill. 8. Replace dipstick and close hood. Done!
  7. A rule of thumb is that a hard cold-start = ignition problem and a hard hot-start = fuel problem.
  8. I got very beautiful imported Q3 for sale the only problem is that it needs repaint all over. Do i need some approval from RTA before i get the car painted?
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