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  1. Correction* Super luxury car!! the best in the market. I wont be surprised if it has won a couple of awards globally.
  2. Thanks for the information guys, I made a list of all the common problems i found with the A3 online and i need you guys to verify them and tell me if one problem stands out in particular here in the UAE: Fuel leak problem Direct-shift clutch problem Sportback curtain airbag problem flywheel problem Hope to hear from you guys soon!!
  3. i knew this was going to be helpful for me... thanks guys this is in the right direction. i cant mention any dealership in my report so cant go there but the audi A3 problems are a must to know. I think the cabriolet is pretty cool too !!
  4. Hello everyone, I am doing a little research for a write up on audi A3s owned by the people in UAE. i have never owned one so i have no idea about it but unfortunately I have no choice. I want first hand experiences from A3 owners. Anything and everything can be of help. I want general information and i want the specifics. I want good/bad experiences. Why should a person buy this car and why shouldn't a person buy this car? if not then which audi car should he or she should be inclined to? Thanks for all your inputs! Way to go carnity!
  5. The process is fairly simple but needs the hands of the professional. This is no do ir yourself kind of a thing. your tires, ABS sensor, axle, etc will have to be detached from the from of the car. If you are lucky you might get ur car back within a day from the dealership. Al Nabooda is timely.
  6. Hi, i noticed that I am having two of the problems mentioned over here, ie, my one-touch works normally but once in a while the windows stop mid-way. Also I have to operate the hatch button twice in order for it to work. Can anyone tell me what the wiring harness is? where is it located and how can i get to it in order to see if it is damaged or something. Are there any other supporting solutions for this? thanks buddies.
  7. Hello folks. I am an old man with an old car. I don't know if anyone will even bother but here goes. My '83 Audi 5000 has 2 problems although it runs and steers fine. After a speedy highway drive one day, I got home and noticed a fluid leak near the fill tank. Please note that it is not at the rack. I replaced the rack and pinion in March 08. It doesn't ever happen after city driving, only after highway driving, and only after it sits. I don't get it. I thought the new rack would fix things. Anybody have a clue as to what could be happening? Next problem, the car starts really hard. I've checked the plugs, the wires, the cap and the rotor, but have not replaced them yet. Also the car passed smog with good numbers even though it started weird like this. I don't get it as it's just acting bad upon the initial cold start. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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