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  1. Hey peeps. I have Audi A4 which i bought 3 years ago. Suddenly the headgasket is leaking and i want to fix it temporarily till the time i go to the service center. How can I fix the head gasket leakage temporarily?
  2. Please tell me the types of coolant required for a car?
  3. I think it's an electric problem. May be the voltage of the battery is to low. Check there voltage using a drop test.
  4. What causes the charging problems in a car?
  5. Well there can be many reasons. There are actually some things that one need to keep in mind in a vehicle specially the tires. And that are: #1: All the four tires of the car must be pointing in the same direction. #2 The rolling resistance of the all the tires must be in the same amount. #3 It is necessary that suspension linkage should not be there. If any of these points are wrong in your car then it can be one of the reasons of your steering pull.
  6. Basically, the antifreeze works in many ways. For example, in cold weather the antifreeze helps in preventing the coolant from freezing. And the same goes in hot weather. It helps the coolant from boiling.
  7. Hey people. I heard lot of issues with the airbag specially for Audi cars. The airbag crash sensor doesn't work proudly in Audi cars. Is it really true? I was thinking if buying an Audi but don't really wanna compromise with the security terms. Please help me figuring out this.
  8. Audi RSQ It Is!!!!

  9. there are two refrigerants that are entitled as flamable. OZ-12 and HC-12a. They have extremely large quantity of hydrocarbon bonds. It means that if you have this type of refrigerant in your car, a person smoking cigerette near your car is also dangerous. These hydrocarbons catches the flame easily and will burn your car. So dont opt for any other refrigerant than R-12, just because they are cheap.
  10. I tried. I asked them to trade my car for a new one. In this scenario, they have someweird rules that i need to pay some extra amount, and if anything goes wrong, then they are not responsible for it. So i am not reallys ure, whether to trade my car with them or not. May be i will just sell the car, and a bettwe one, but not Audi!
  11. Hey bhusham. What about preparing yourself. You wrote that first, but can you discuss some points on how a driver can also preapre themselves for the hot weather driving?
  12. Audi is the best! BMW- just wasting money for Lemon.
  13. I think the fuel consumption is pretty much the same as of other cars. The only thing is to maintain the car. Fuel economy goes down when the sir pressure is low, or sometimes too many passengers in the ca and sometimes skipping the car servicing. Take care of these things, and its a good car to opt for.
  14. I want to buy new tires for my Audi A6. Please suggest me what to keep in mind to buy them.
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