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  1. Being an owner of an A3 for so many years i would say the biggest pro of this vehicle is its smoothest drive capabilities and the biggest con would be the high maintain cost and time required. its very subjective of me i know but its MY truth!
  2. Hello everyone I have been struggling with a couple of problems lately with my A3. - The one-touch stopped working - The hatch button doesn't operate if the door is more than halfway open - The key fob stopped working, even tried changing the batteries - When the doors are closed, the door open light comes on over and over again - Interior lights are malfunctioning/the do not turn off even when the doors are closed. I know I will be taking it to the Al Nabooda Autos but I wanted to ask if these problems could possible be linked to each other. I have not tried resetting the car ... do you think that will fix the problem?
  3. Not to sound too technical but the problem can either be a boost leak .. or this problem could also be related to your coil packs or the wires leading to them ... the spark plug wires could be damaged so you might need a change in that ... but this is definitely a mechanical problem since I have dealt with it before .. a hesitation seems to be a small problem but it can develop into a big one. Have it checked?
  4. Congratulations!! Obviously you should go for the S3 for its engine power + styling additions (they are better than the A3) have you test driven both just to be sure on what you like? is yes than i bet you loved the S3. In short the S3 looks sportier than the A3 overall. Have fun with your new ride!
  5. What i have is not exactly the same problem but i have Low Brake Fluid which comes when i start the car only. what should this be?
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