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  1. Less than 5 years old BMW defintely have more maintenece and newer than that is good anyways.
  2. In E60, if i am not wrong ATF change is at every 60,000 kms. DOuble check that in manual and if you dont have service manual then call AGMC and they should tell you this very precisely. AGMC Dubai phone number: 04 3391555
  3. coolant that is available in Enoc and Eppco petrol stations are of a very good quality and can be used in our BMW car's.
  4. Hi Aboudi, whats the reason to switch back to stock, Is it shj police issue on noisy cars? Post some pictures if you dont mind.
  5. its best to service the AC on regular intervals specially in summers so this will itself eliminate half of the problems that you have or may have in future.
  6. traction control can be a relay thing too. what was the problem with your car.
  7. if you open the driver door is on the joint where the door closes and if the sticker is no more then call your dealer give your chassis number and you will get all the details of your car as simple as that.
  8. no all the lights in the car have different fuses for headlights its one fuse for brake lights its one fuse the cabin has another fuse and so dose the high beem has a different fuse. check the fuse box where it will be mentioned everything in detail.
  9. sometimes what happens is that the steering oil of fluid leaks maybe a lot maybe a little which depletes over a period of time so then the steering problem starts. check you steering oil and i hope that you get the answer for you complaint.
  10. it my knowledge the engine is cleaned with petrol but dont do it yourself go a good service station and ask them to do it for you. you make sure too that they dont get too aggressive while cleaning or they may break a connection or two.
  11. 7 Series is my personal fav........!
  12. i am sure u have sorted it. but next time make it a point that if you have an engine problem you can contact me directly. you can pm me too
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