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  1. I actually think the X6 has less to offer. It is less spacious, small cargo space and less passenger space. It has less visibility and yet it’s still more expensive. Same kmpg and drives the same. If I am asked, X5 makes more sense. X5 is also called the more practical form of BMW cars. Its specifications are near what an ideal bmw should be. This battle was way over before it began because x5 was never up to the mark!
  2. If you know your way around the car there is a simpler way to secure the convertible top but the problem is that its not a permanent solution. If there is a problem with your convertible top closing then you need to have it checked but if you just want to secure it completely you can look into doing it by yourself.
  3. Isn't that kind of information normally found in the manual? no one can tell you what is causing the issue online but im sure that it is either the motor or the parts related to it. you might have to get some parts changed. Have you taken it to the mechanic yet?
  4. BMWs are smart cars especially the newer ones, any problem the dash-lights will let you know. If you follow them and take proper measures, you're in safe hands.
  5. yeah true that, the road dirt here easily causes rust to form
  6. A lot of people dont know this but everyone esp. bmw owners should check the fluid levels every time they refuel or at least every alternative time. Many people do it twice or thrice a month which is okay but not good maintenance.
  7. Did you ask them if they were going to even charge you again? I don't think so ... I took mine to AGMC here in dubai and almost the same thing happened ... plus my car was leaking oil right after two days of maintenance. They did the repairs for the oil and reset the light ... didnt pay for either since the oil leak was caused due to something they did and they told me the light was on the house. I think you should call them again.
  8. I am moving out of the bmw ownership grid. I can't it anymore with the parts and the excessive oil i feed to my car all the time. I have spent so much money on parts that it makes me cry ... I could have easily leased another car which not only drove me around but if it was to die .. i wudnt be sorry about it so much. I am on to saving money and nothing else. Hate to say it but the shinier the car is the emptier your pockets are going to be. I might cause a stirr around here among BM fans - sorry guys
  9. From what I know of this is a software incorporated in specific cars for acceleration. With this feature a person is able to accelerate quickly and smoothly without causing problems to the engine, wheels, etc With cars like bmw .. accelerating is not a problem at all ... but i think this is just for people who have a racing sense for their cars ... this feature is common in racing cars.
  10. hello all i think i know exactly what u r talking about. this is basically a radiator problem which causes leaked fluids to contaminate the transmission. i hate to tell u this but u might be looking at a little more work than you think you are ...
  11. Well if you are sure that there is a cover on the steering wheel then it is probably leather but the fact that you can't tell whether it is rubber or leather for sure is strange. Try any kind of leather cleaner or conditioner and see if the shine comes out which should tell you its leather for sure!
  12. Hey there mate. So basically it's the SMG A-mode right? You can avoid bucking by training yourself to keep constant pressure on the gas while it's revving up from low gears.
  13. Well to put it in simple terms emaan, the M drive is a button which helps the driver select the mode of driving - dynamic or normal to sport to sport plus. The settings (caution technical stuff = DME system, DSC, EDC, Servotronic steering and the M DCT Drivelogic) can be preset and at the point of driving all the driver has to do is press the button of his or her suitable choice. You can read material online about the technicalities behind these settings.
  14. umm ...... r u familiar with the German language at all? if not .... i would advise u to take it in to your dealer .... much less hassle. You should not get into technical stuff on your own if you have no background information on it.
  15. hey buddy.......being a bmw enthusiast and an owner of two bmws i think i can help you out a little here if u look at the figures.....the BMW 740 is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine that produces 315 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. It averages 22 mpg whereas if you look at the 750, which has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 and produces 445 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque, the average fuel economy is 19 mpg. The 760Li however comes with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 that produces 535 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Its estimated fuel economy is 15 mpg. Make your guess
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