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  1. I really like convertibles. You get to choose to get fresh air or simply pull up the hood and use AC. How about you guys?
  2. Yes and if you would notice all of their cars really have the grill trade mark. I wonder though if it has any special contribution to cooling or any other special contribution aside from aesthetics.
  3. Most of us here has probably tried different types of cars. My question though is what is the feature you like most on you BMW?
  4. Do you smell any fuel when driving or when you are in the car? It is possible there are leaks in your fuel tubes or engine.
  5. Have you checked if there is a problem with the head gasket or there is a block between the water jacket and cylinder? In any case, you might want to fix that coolant problem immediately because eventually it will overheat your engine probably due to lost of coolant or something.
  6. After you go to the mechanic tell us the diagnosis. I was just wondering if the lights also dim when it happens. It could be a bad alternator.
  7. For some reason there are instances when my sedan would emit black smoke. I have already checked the engine and found nothing. I don't smell anything bad like fuel leakage or something but I still get instances when my 7-s sedan emits black smoke. Any ideas?
  8. You might want to try this tool. It is really cool and called pop a dent. Pop a dent
  9. You might want to have that checked by a shop. As Albert has said, it could be a problem with the oil cooler or the sensor. I know there are some shops that offer free estimates. You might want to have them check it first.
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