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  1. Hi. Had a similar problem with my 6. Check out my post. .. clicking sound. Turned out to be loose nuts near the wheel. Drop the exhaust. On the rear of the car u will see a roundiah structure on each side. It has lots of small bolts. Looks like a truck wheel. These bolts were loose. Best of luck.
  2. try janu in sharjah. he will get you a discount on the original battery from the local dealer.
  3. try janu in sharjah, does a great job on my 650iconvertible. you can also try munich motor works or tony edwards motors.
  4. Hi Everyone.... I am going on vacation for 1 month. Do I disconnect my 650i convertible battery or not. If yes, how do I do this without damaging anything. The reason I ask is the last trip I went on was for 2 weeks. When I returned my battery was flat. I still get the "high battery discharge when car parked" warning, and the "SOS malfunction or limited function" warning every morning. I have disconnected the sensor on the negative battery cable, this seems to have taken care of the "high battery drain" message. I think this was the intelligent battery sensor. The car drives much better after this, the air-con works better as well. I do not have a trickle charger or battery maintainer. So, the question is, to disconnect the battery or not? Will this damage the vehicle... electronic... error codes when reconnected... etc. Thanks.
  5. im also interested but lets do something her in dubai
  6. Thanks akram, but bmw is charging 100 aed for mobil and other places charge 60 for the same? Where would u advise i do my oil service
  7. Does the brand make a diference? Any recomendations where to do oil change on my 2006 650 i convertable with 150000km on the clock. Agmc want 1100aed, munich and tony edwards 650, emarat and enoc 450. All use original bmw oil filter but all use their own brand of synthetic oil at their own price.
  8. i use tony edwards motors. no problems so far. google them and check it out
  9. Sorry to hear this. You should try Tony Edwards Motors, in Al Quoz. On anaother note, AGMC BMW should refund you if they could not repair it.
  10. note that tire rotatiopn can only be done in this order with the same size tyres, with the 6 series, the rear tyres are usually larger and tyres are usually rotational, so rotation is not possible.
  11. I have the same issue with my 2006 650 i convertable. need updated dvd nav for bmw professional system, but agmc want 2200 aed. any ideas?
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