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Desert Driving Course

To learn how to self-drive your 4WD in the desert, safely.

Driving off-road is always fun and exciting, and there are ways to make it less risky to protect yourself and your car from damage.

  • For sure desert driving is not same as tarmac. With expert guidance and experience, a few tricks and techniques, it can be an amazing experience or soon become your favourite weekend hobby. The secret is how to drive your own 4x4 with complete confidence and safety.

    Carnity Off-road Driving Courses deliver just that. Guided from the comfort of your own vehicle and at a time that is convenient for you, the Carnity Marshals can work with you to help you get the skills and confidence that will bring you hours of joy and fun. Having skilled and experienced "offroad-experts" by your side not only maximizes your adventure and boosts your confidence, but can also help you from damaging your vehicle. Carnity believes that off roading is for ‘stock cars’ too so learning from our experts could save some serious cash on unwanted modifications.

    In a course designed to match your driving skills, where ever you want to start the training, you will learn from the most experienced and most passionate Carnity off-roaders. Their adventurous spirit can be witnessed every weekend of the year, even during the most scorching weekends! Carnity Marshals are backed with real-life off-road knowledge based on years of experience in driving and managing off-road convoys every week with Carnity off-road club. These are real expert off-road drivers who take their own cars into the desert week after week.

    Beware of half-baked online desert driving tutorials given by rookie and inexperienced drivers, which often comes with a very high risk of injury to the driver and vehicle damage.

    All Carnity Marshals are certified and capable of delivering these personal 1:1 off-road courses on three levels:

  • basic offroad courses.jpg  intermediate offroad courses.jpg  advance offroad courses.jpg

    • All off-road driving courses are graded and can only be booked at higher levels if the driver has appropriate knowledge as per his/her existing Carnity off-road rank:
      • Absolute Newbie/Newbie – can only take BASIC Off-Road Driving Course.
      • Fewbie/Intermediate – can only take BASIC & INTERMEDIATE Off-Road Driving Course.
      • Advance/Expert – can take ANY Off-Road Driving Course.
    • Availing these personal 1:1 Off-Road Driving courses does not promote anyone to the next off-road rank in the Carnity Off-road Club.
    • All courses will be done with the comfort of your own car, along with all the recovery & safety gears of the Marshal.
    • Your vehicle should be well serviced and in perfectly drivable condition with front and back tow hooks and a spare tire.
    • These courses are aimed to accelerate your off-road learning by boosting your confidence with Carnity Certified Marshals.

    Disclaimer: Vehicle owner is fully responsible for all of his/her own actions, damages and inconvenience caused by any mishap.

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