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Found 7 results

  1. Dubai Police Fines Traffic Fines Really great news for Dubai residents who have Dubai Police Traffic Fines can avail up to 100% discount as per year of tolerance initiative from Dubai Police. In a nutshell: Be a good driver for 3 months = 25% discount Be a good driver for 6 months = 50% discount Be a good driver for 9 months = 75% discount Be a good driver for 1 year = 100% discount Be a good driver means you should follow traffic rules throughout the year and don't get Dubai Police Fines. I called the Dubai Police for more clarity: If you have previous traffic fines from last year, they are also applicable in this "Settle your traffic fines" initiative but the time will start from today - 6 Feb 2019. So if from today till next 3 months you follow traffic rules and don't get any traffic fines, then last year fine will be discounted by 25%, for 6 months = 50% and so on. If you are renewing your car next month or so, you can still renew the car without paying Dubai Police Fines. You need to go to the traffic department - they have options to renew your car without paying any traffic fines from Dubai police.
  2. The Dubai Police already has some luxury sports cars in its fleets such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GT, McLaren, Bugatti Veyron, and the Mercedes G Wagen. Now, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has been added as well. One of the reasons to add an electric vehicle to the Dubai Police fleet is Dubai Green Mobility initiative through which the UAE aims to increase awareness about conservation and promote the use of electric cars. A total of 8 Chevrolet Bolt EVs have been added to the fleet and they will soon be seen patrolling on the streets of Dubai. The President and Managing Director of General Motors Africa and the Middle East, John Roth mentioned that the company is proud to support the Dubai’s Green Mobility Initiative. Do you agree that using electric vehicles in government fleets will prove to be beneficial? Do share your opinion with us regarding the benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  3. Following the rise of robberies in Dubai’s industrial areas, the police have issued a warning stay alert against car thefts. The official announcement was made on Dubai Police Twitter account warning the drivers to not leave their vehicles unattended if the engine is running. Just a week earlier, Dubai police arrested four men who were caught stealing car batteries. According to the Al Bayan report, the gang specifically targeted two locations including Jebel Ali and Qusais industrial areas. On inspection, the thieves confessed to their crime and revealed that they sell the car batteries at a half price to make money. Have you been a victim to such a situation before? What action do you suggest the Dubai Police should take to prevent thieves from stealing cars and other equipment?
  4. Road accidents are increasing every day in Dubai and this leads to traffic congestion in the whole city. To tackle this problem, RTA and the Dubai Police have collaborated to introduce a new Traffic Incidents Management (TIM) system. The Traffic Incident Management system was launched officially on 16th September 2018 and was inaugurated by key figures of both Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police. Special breakdown vehicles were also seen to be deployed at different locations on the Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. Special breakdown response vehicles will be positioned every 30 kilometers on the national expressway road which is approximately 70 kilometers long and connects Dubai with Abu Dhabi as well as Sharjah. These vehicles will be well equipped with latest technologies and communication devices to clear up the accident site quickly and assist the drivers to a safe place. The TIM system is expected to reduce traffic delays by up to 35 percent by removing the vehicles involved in an accident and restoring the traffic flow ASAP. This effort by RTA and Dubai Police deserves an applaud as it will definitely improve the traffic situation in the city and ensure the safety of every driver. Do share your opinion about this new initiative and tell us how beneficial it will be for UAE drivers.
  5. As I got one of my car repainted recently, there was big hassle to get the Dubai Police permission paper for repainting. After wasting two days in traffic hours coz of wrong information from official and unofficial channels, I like to list all of them below to help everyone here: You can't get that permission paper from any Dubai Police Station (Don't waste time) You can't get that permission paper from Dubai Police Headquarters (next to Al Mulla Plaza) You only get this permission from Dubai Police vehicle confiscated yard, next to Tasjeel Qusais, I think it's a CID department GPS Coordinate for this place: https://goo.gl/maps/t8hv6s7f9Rv (No pics allowed) Their timing is from 7 am to 1 pm only It cost 120 dhs and not 50 dhs You don't need paper if keeping same color and getting car painted in Dubai You do need paper even if keeping same color but getting car painted in Sharjah (that was my case) You do need paper if you change color and getting car painted in any emirates
  6. Carnity

    Dubai Police Fines

    Dubai Police Fines How to avoid Dubai Police Fines for speeding? How much grace speed limit is allowed? Which road have two speed limits? Read also: Dubai Police Fines - 100% discount Read below for all answers Estimated read time: 3 minutes Speeding radar fine is the most common fine in Dubai. Many drivers drive much below speed limit to avoid these hefty fines and other get fines thinking that some leeway is allowed without knowing the exact grace limit. Speeding radar in most of the Dubai road has been set to 20 km above the speed limit assign to that road, but sadly many of us are unaware of this fact. There are no traffic fines issued by Dubai Police if you drive safely within that grace limit of 20 km in most of the Dubai roads mentioned below. You will only get Dubai police traffic fines once you exceed the 20 km as radar limit is set to trigger flash at +21 km in most of the Dubai roads. Some times this lack of information causes drivers delay and slow moving cars block the fast moving traffic who want to utilize this 20 km grace speed safely in the fast lane. Out of all Dubai roads, Sheikh Zayed Road is an exception to have two speed limits. The SZR that passes through Dubai has 100 km speed limit and radar will trigger at 121 km. Second speed limit of 120 km is set after crossing Jebel Ali (going out from Dubai), if you are driving towards Abu Dhabi and radar will trigger at 141 km. We hope this blog post will help all of Dubai drivers, so that we can bring awareness of a difference in speed limit vs radar limit in Dubai and help ease up the daily congestion on Dubai roads. Also read, most comprehensive list of RTA Fines and Traffic Fines in the UAE to avoid other fines. Sr. No. Road No. Street Speed Limit Radar Limit 1 E 11 Sheikh Zayed Road after Jebel Ali 120 km 141 km 2 E 77 Lahbab Road 120 km 141 km 3 E 311 Sh. Mohammed Bin Zayed Road 120 km 141 km 4 E 611 Emirates Road 120 km 141 km --------- ------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------- ---------------- 5 E 44 Dubai - Hatta Road 100 km 121 km 6 E 66 Dubai - Al Ain Road 100 km 121 km 7 E 11 Al Ittihad and Sheikh Zayed Road 100 km 121 km 8 E 44 Ras Al Khor and Al Aweer Road 100 km 121 km 9 E 44 Business Bay and Al Khail Road 100 km 121 km 10 D 50 Wadi Al Amardi Street 100 km 121 km 11 D 63 Umm Suqeim Road 90 km 111 km 12 D 71 Al Safa Street 100 km 121 km 13 D 75 Sheikh Rashed Road 100 km 121 km 14 D 83 Al Rebat Street 100 km 121 km 15 D 89 Al Khawaneej Road 100 km 121 km --------- ------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------- ---------------- 16 D 60 Beirut Street 80 km 101 km 17 D 62 Nad Al Hamar Road 80 km 101 km 18 D 64 Damascus Street 80 km 101 km 19 E 66 Oud Metha Road 80 km 101 km 20 D 78 Umm Hurair Street 80 km 101 km 21 D 78 Abu Baker Al Siddique Road 80 km 101 km 22 D 79 Nahda Street 80 km 101 km 23 D 80 Salahuddin Road 80 km 101 km 24 D 82 Al Rasheed Road 80 km 101 km 25 D 85 Baniyas Road 80 km 101 km 26 D 88 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road 80 km 101 km 27 D 88 Trade Center Road 80 km 101 km 28 D 89 Airport Road and Al Maktoum Street 80 km 101 km 29 D 91 Abu Hail Road and Al Quds Street 80 km 101 km 30 D 92 Al Khaleej Road 80 km 101 km 31 D 93 Al Wuheida and Tunis Road 80 km 101 km 32 D 94 Al Sufouh Road 80 km 101 km 33 Mankhool Street 80 km 101 km 34 2nd of December Street 80 km 101 km 35 Oman Street 80 km 101 km 36 Port Road 80 km 101 km Source: Dubai Police website. Last updated: 11 June 2016
  7. One of the best news I have read this morning in Gulf news about: Radars to start catching tailgaters from July 2015. Well I hope people from other emirates also read this news and start behaving well in Dubai, as majority of time I experience Nissan Patrol, Old skyline and Lexus LS 400 from northern emirate comes behind you and start flash to death with less than 1 meter distance behind your bumper. Scary indeed. PUBLISHED: 15:03 JUNE 9, 2015 BY NOORHAN BARAKAT, STAFF REPORTER Dubai: Starting from July, Dubai radars will be able to catch tailgaters, Dubai Police have announced. Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs, said the move is in order to reduce casualties from accidents caused by tailgating. Earlier this week Dubai Police launched its annual ‘Keep a safe distance’ traffic campaign, quoting tailgating as the third-leading cause of traffic deaths. Tailgating caused 26 deaths in 2014, and 11 deaths between January and May this year. Also in 2014, Dubai Traffic Police issued 69,964 fines for people not leaving a safe distance between vehicles on Dubai roads and in 2015, 19,975 fines were issued in the first four months. Maj Gen Al Zafein said the radar has the latest technology that can detect tailgating violations accurately, regardless of the speed of the vehicle. The radar takes photos of the front and rear of the vehicle and can detect the violation in any lane. The photos will help make sure the violation is legitimate and can be accessed if the driver contests the fine. The fine for tailgating is Dh400 and four black points. Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/crime/radars-to-start-catching-tailgaters-from-july-1.1532297
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