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Found 27 results

  1. Do you know if there is any ues rimm place in Sharja too? need to go to 17 when i get new tyres....
  2. Klasscars

    Mitsubishi Pajero

    Time Left: 4 months and 28 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Model Pajero Year 2014 Engine 3.5 Full options Agency maintained till 80, 000km Slightly negotiable

    45,000.00 AED

  3. Can anyone tell me from where i can get my Pajero 2014 model Rockford Amplifier repaired. My Dashboard Music system is working fine but no audio is coming out. Agency checked all things and confirmed that Amplifier is faulty.
  4. leon64

    mitsubishi pajero

    Time Left: 4 months and 13 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Full Option Sunroof Alloy Rims DVD Player Navigation Headrest Screen 157000 kms Model 2008 0505771680 Available for viewing at Al Rigga Road

    18,500.00 AED

  5. Time Left: 4 months and 7 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Pajero 2008 full option in perfect condition,all the features functional and mulkiya is still valid. Direct owner In immaculate condition 10/10 In personal use of Engineer No dealers please only serious buyers are requested to contact on 0562244839 Price is negotiable only for serious buyers

    14,500.00 AED

  6. Time Left: 3 months and 3 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mitsubishi Pajero with Video sound and one year mulkia 2002 Model kilometer check on picture gold colour no work require 100% just buy and drive call or whats-app🇦🇪 for more details 📱+971 56339 3545

    6,000.00 AED

  7. Time Left: 2 months and 17 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Pajero (short wheel base) sport model. Low milage 180k km only. 2002 model in excellent condition. Expecting 11000aed. Negotiable 0555835853

    11,000.00 AED

  8. I'm sure that as we drive a car in long run we always find out new things as we get bored and try to experiment. I found something which maybe lots of people already know and I'm hoping you'll share your tips and tricks to make this thread even more valuable. Since there are so many Pajero owners here I'm excited to learn something new about my wife's car. Here my trick for the day. On your remote key click lock 3 times and that will fold the side mirrors. To unfold them click the open button 3 times and Walla the mirrors will unfold. Hope this helps a few.
  9. So it all started on one fine morning. As a normal day started of with unlocking our Pajero and found some water drops on the seat. No rain that day, but still checked for roof leaks and found none. Maybe the leather sweating? But have not seen drops, if something spills it would cover much larger area. So we cleaned the water drops and continued on pur way. The next morning again we were surprised by the same water drops, but this time there were a few over the dash as well. The suspect was the roof again. But verily roof was dry. Still unsuspecting we cleaned the water drops and headed to our office. In the evening when my wife came to pick me up she was looking pale and scared. She explained as she opened the car she saw something white very quickly move from the passenger seat down and disappeared. She suggested we quickly go to a car wash and get the car cleaned out inside and out. Throughout the way we kept really silent and concentrated on any sounds inside the car. It was completely quiet and our hearts were racing throughout, even a breeze or our own movement would scare the he'll out of us. The strangest hour ever spent in a car in my whole life. There was a strange feeling of something or someone being in our car with us. I kept on thinking we would need an exorsist for our car instead of just a good wash. Finally we made it to the car wash and started emptying the car to have a good vacuum inside. As we were removing the items from our car we saw what once again proved the wife is always right. We needed a good wash and no exorcism was required. A grey mouse jumping in and around our car. What a relief. Tried chasing it out, but not quite sure if that little rodent was still there or gone. As the car was finished and we headed home, we decided to make sure and got some rat glue with mat. My wife could not take the suspense and headed back down to the car just before going to sleep. No surprise there it was the trouble maker, stuck in one of the mats we had placed. She took help of one of the supermarket guys and released the little rodent back in the open. With a few mats still in the car just to make sure, in 2 more days we were relieved and now pondering how he got in. Two days it was in there without making a noise. We recalled going to the tire shop to get a tire checked which kept looking the pressure. We had switched off the car, and since the car was getting suffocating, she opened the rear door for ventilation. The tire just had a bad valve which was replaced, easy and cheap fix, but it must have given the mouse to get into the car in those 15 minutes. My advise, please do not leave your cars open and unattended open the window a crack if required. Thinking of getting all the wirings and electrics checked as mice like to chew on stuff. Please recommend any other advise you deem right in such a situation, or simply share your strange stories here.
  10. Hi Guys , Hope all are doing good. Would like to know, is there any off road trip you guys are planning for beginners? I recently bought 2016 Pajero 3.5 LT and would like to explore the opportunities to drive it in off road conditions. I know there are lot many off road masters in the group so looking for opportunities i can learn bit of off road riding. Thanks Jayakrishnan
  11. Yes, mixed feelings of the drive. What started as a wonderful drive, ended on a sad note. But am sure that both Gaurav and his trusted Pajero would return very soon, stronger and better.
  12. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We have most of the luxurious cars and middle class ow mileage. Our motto is customers satisfaction giving them competitive price
  13. In Turkey there are some Pajero`s using as an ambulance in winter time. There was one also in my city. I always found them too bad ass.
  14. Hi friends. Actually i have 2 problem which is on of them is same. By the way i have pajero 3.5 v6 24valve 6g74. 1- i have engine vibration on the idle. I checkd the engine mounts . Timing belt and also timing. Spark plug and wires changed . Oil changed . Vacuum leakage checked by splashing water around the manifold. Fuel pump checked and also the injection parts got clean. But still i have engine vibration at 700-850 2- after one hours driving engine start to lose the rpm to 550 even 500. Also in traffic jam is horrible . When the gear is on D rpm reach to 500 but all these problems comes after 30 or 1 hours driving in the Traffice . Your feeling is like the car lose the power. But in the highway no problem. Also i clean the icv valve and throttle body. EGR . I get tired i dont now what should i do. Becuse i cant stuck down in the traffice also i afraid to use the AC on the Traffice. Because when i get more load from engine i lose more rpm.
  15. Hi I drive a 3.8 LWB Pajero 2010 model. During my last desert drive while climbing a steep hill, I was on 4H with manual tiptronic on 1st gear. However as we had gained some speed and had reached near the hill top the tiptronic would automatically upshift from 1st gear to 2nd gear causing a tremendous loss in power and subsequently speed. So basically it's not holding the 1st gear as long as I wish. Later I noticed that this happens when the speed reaches 50 km/h mark. Anyone has any suggestions on how I can manually override this automatic shift in tiptronic mode especially for steep climbs.
  16. I am having a peculiar problem with my Pajero's AC. While driving, the AC switch suddenly starts flashing on and off, and the compressor stops working. I then have to turn off the engine, restart the car and it immediately starts working for some time. I have been facing this problem over the past few months with the frequency increasing recently. I have also noticed that with continued hard acceleration the AC doesn't turn off that often. It tends to happen more while the car is cruising. One mechanic told me that the AC clutch or something is slipping but I didn't quite understand what he meant. Any advise or suggestions?
  17. I have Pajero 3.5 2014 Model, Full Tank used to generally give me 450 Kilometers till the Fuel Tank used to start empty indicator.Nowadays at only 350 Kms it comes to empty indicator starts, I tried to put some fuel boosters available in the Petrol Stations, But cannot see any improvement, Can anyone advice , weather I require Engine Tune up, I have completed 138000 Kms, Otherwise the Car is very good and excellent fuel efficeincy this started from this May. Would appreciate any inputs
  18. I did a trip from abu dhabi to al ain and was trying different speeds to see which gave me the best mileage. Mine is 3.8 LWB 2008 model. The car was empty and just me driving. Scenario 1: driving at 90km/h gave me 9.3km/l Scenario 2: driving at 110 km/h gave me 8.9km/l Any comments on whether these numbers are good or bad and I will check the spark plugs, filter and tyre pressure and oil. What is the ideal tyre pressure for city driving? 35 psi?
  19. Hello everyone! New to the forum and and excited about being here. After of contemplation and digging around. I decided to get a Mitsubishi Pajero SWB 3.0 2004 (Top) as a first car in the region. I wanted to keep costs low while learning my way around the desert and sand driving. I believe I made the right choice after ruling out Wrangler's and Xterra due to ownership cost and the difficulty in finding a good example within a low budget. The car I have shortlisted has 230,000km but seems well maintained with regular fluid changes. It is currently owned by a friend and was driven by his wife. I have a few questions: 1. Does the 3.0 engine on the SWB do well in the desert. Not dune bashing, just camping and stuff. More of a desert learner car. 2. Are there any quirks in this car that I should know about. 3. I read about the rear bumper working as a scoop. Is there a replacement or fix that I should consider? 4. Any other off-road tips/mods that I should consider to protect and prolong the life of the vehicle. Thank you in advance!
  20. Dear All, Please note my wife received a call yesterday from Mitsubishi, Al Habtoor Motors to inform that there is a callback for all Mitsubishi Pajero and Galant from 2004-2015 models for a problem regarding the airbags. The rectification will take 3 hours and you need to get an appointment from them to leave the car at one of their service station. So any Pajero or Glant owners for 2004-2015 models please get in touch with Al Habtoor Motors Service Centers to book your appointment and get the issue rectified. http://www.habtoormotors.com/mitsubishi/service-centres/
  21. Dear All, Please note my wife received a call yesterday from Mitsubishi, Al Habtoor Motors to inform that there is a callback for all Mitsubishi Pajero and Galant from 2004-2015 models for a problem regarding the airbags. The rectification will take 3 hours and you need to get an appointment from them to leave the car at one of their service station. So any Pajero or Glant owners for 2004-2015 models please get in touch with Al Habtoor Motors Service Centers to book your appointment and get the issue rectified. http://www.habtoormotors.com/mitsubishi/service-centres/
  22. Pajero flips FJ in 5 seconds!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMLsPrRWjds A rescue mission turned out to be a display of Mitsubishi Pajero Power why do you think they named it FJ... Flip Jeep ??? Alhamdulillah there was no casuality or any major issue to the FJ apart from minor dents. Off Road Lesson learned: - To be careful in assessment of the vehicle & hook position, Should observe well when others hooks the car. It should have been hooked to the left front hook instead of the right!!! regards, Rajeef M
  23. Recently my Pajero brake almost died (becoming too hard) and after the diagnose we found out that brake booster is faulty. Tried to source out new one and no one has that, Habtoor can specially order from Japan and will take 1-2 months for delivery. Sourced one from scrap based on picture and it came out slightly smaller than the original one. We fixed it as an experiment to see if it works and after little make shift adjustment @Barry fixed it and it's working great as per my quick short test drive. My concern is, if it's ok to fits slightly smaller barke booster (1 inch smaller) if it's working fine or should we scout in scrap for perfect fit? Thanks guys.
  24. Any suggestions or upgrades available to make bloddy Pajero AC as strong as Toyota SUV, In extreme heat it just work but not work fine or sufficient to keep the car cool especially in stop and go traffic. Secondly after starting the car it takes about 15-20 minutes to get the car cool and by the time I reach home with sweating back. Discussed this matter several times with Habtoor service advisor and seems like they give blind eye and deaf ear to this issue and show me the car AC cooling under their covered workshop. I am looking for some type of idea to upgrade to expensive quality AC Gas (freon) if it exists for better cooling? Or increasing the AC power supply that can make it work harder and provide better cooling? Or anything reasonably doable to improvise Pajero AC cooling in Dubai extreme heat at 42 degrees and above......? Thanks.
  25. Hey all, So I'm taking a trip to Muscat, Oman this weekend from Abu Dhabi and was wondering which car to drive. It should be around 700 to 900km the whole trip inclusive of driving around in Muscat. I guess two main points I thought about was comfort and fuel economy. What else? Should I take the Pajero 3.8 LWB (2008) or the Mercedes S class (2009)? 1) Fuel economy is way better in the Mercedes, so this is a winner for the Merc. 2) Comfort: well the Merc is perhaps more comfortable to drive? or is it more comfy to drive on a raised seating of a 4x4? And yes, what route is the shortest? I figure since im driving from Abu dhabi, it is shorter via via Al Ain, Hilly border? or is Dubai better ? Which route is more scenic? Any advice is welcome. Thanks
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