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Found 18 results

  1. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/transport/dubai-sharjah-ferry-service-launched-ticket-timings-free-trip-details
  2. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a new rule which states that the electric vehicles in Dubai will now need to be accredited first before they can be registered. The reason for this rule is that RTA wants to ensure the safety of every driver on the road. Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency explained that electric vehicles are equipped with complex electrical and mechanical components which can pose a threat to the users, roads, and pedestrians if not checked properly for quality. He further stated that RTA has alerted all service suppliers, auto agents, and technical testing personnel to not register an electric car in Dubai unless it has been verified by a UAE-based accredited agent. RTA is also conducting training sessions for public awareness and educating the auto agents in the UAE about electric and hybrid vehicle testing standards.
  3. The regular Dubai Taxis already have cameras installed inside them and now Uber is also adding the same feature in its taxis. Talking about the new safety features in Uber app, Sachin Kansal, Uber's global head of safety product stated that with more than 15 million trips registered on Uber each day, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of both the drivers and the riders. He further added that the company has been working since last year to develop products which will improve the user experience and provide peace of mind to everyone. Besides adding cameras, the Uber app will also introduce a shortcut to dial emergency numbers as well as an option to share trip details with trusted contacts with a single tap. More features will be added to improve the overall security standard of both the driver and the rider. Kansal also stated that the addition of these features will not impact the Uber service pricing. Do you appreciate this step taken by Uber? Or do you think this is somehow a breach of privacy for the riders? Do share your opinion with us.
  4. Do you find it annoying when you have to search the parking lot back and forth for a free parking space? Well RTA has an excellent solution to your problem. Introducing the Parking Reservation app which was showcased at the 38th Gitex Technology Week on Sunday. This app will allow you to reserve a parking space in advance at a cost of AED 10 per hour while every additional hour will also cost AED 10. The payment can be done through the debit or credit card. Currently, the app can be used to reserve a parking spot in only two areas including Dubai Marina and Dubai Media City but more areas will be added soon. The app is available on Android devices right now but will soon be launched on iOS-powered devices as well. Do you think this app will be useful for reserving a parking spot in Dubai? Share your thoughts with us.
  5. The Smart Yard was first launched in February 2018 at Dubai Driving Center, Al Khail branch in order to automate the parking test and reduce the need for RTA examiners. Towards the end of September, six more smart yards were launched and another three will be operational by the end of October. By the end of this year, all 14 RTA test centers will have smart testing yards according to Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency. The Smart Test comprises of a slope test, emergency brake test, parallel parking test, garage parking test, and angle parking test. The test usually completes within 15 minutes and till now more than 6,000 people have taken it. Thanks to the use of high-tech cameras and latest technologies, the automated parking tests ensures fairness in results and determines if the applicant has failed or passed. If you have undertaken the automated parking test, do share your experience with us and provide us with helpful tips as well.
  6. Which is the most preferred Taxi service/Ride-hailing app here on Carnity? Personally, I find Careem has very good business partners to redeem points such as Emirates Skywards and Etisalat. Whats your preference when you have to send your wife/gf to somewhere where you dont wanna drive yourself. 😎
  7. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We undertake all major and minor repair of all types of light vehicles specialized in European, Chinese, and Japanese. We have trained technicians for Chinese and Indian buses and we are doing internal shampooing for all vehicles. We provide on-site breakdown services and recovery service.
  8. Roads and Transport Authority has recently launched its new chatbot that acts as a virtual assistant and is capable of communicating with the users in both Arabic and English Language. The chatbot which is called Mahboub uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to converse with the user via both texts as well as voice. You can request any information related to vehicle registration in Dubai, Metro timing, tram timing, taxi information, parking space availability and a lot more. Mahboub has been designed to answer the queries just as a human representative would. Prior to the conversation, Mahboub will gather important information from the user such as name, mobile number and email address. The users are requested to be specific when asking questions to help Mahboub source the correct information from the RTA database. Such technological innovations are extremely helpful for the UAE residents. If you have already used Mahboub, do share with us your experience regarding how helpful the virtual assistant is.
  9. You can now select any memorable date you want as your car number plate, thanks to the launch of a new phase of ‘Capture Memorable Moments on Your Vehicle’s Plate’ initiative for code W. This initiative allows the drivers in Dubai to select any 5-digit license plate number resembling a memorable event of their life as such the date of birth, marriage date, graduation date, employment date and more. Any 5-digit number between 1967 and 2018 can be chosen and the cost of the plate will be Dh1670. Talking about this new initiative, Jamal Hashim Assada who is the director of RTA’s vehicle licensing agency, mentioned that the citizens can buy customized car number plates from the any Customers Happiness Centre in Dubai, service providers, RTA official website or even the smart app. He further mentioned that such initiatives are introduced to improve customer satisfaction and make them happy. We encourage you to share a picture with us of your customized number plate and share the story behind those 5-digits.
  10. Road accidents are increasing every day in Dubai and this leads to traffic congestion in the whole city. To tackle this problem, RTA and the Dubai Police have collaborated to introduce a new Traffic Incidents Management (TIM) system. The Traffic Incident Management system was launched officially on 16th September 2018 and was inaugurated by key figures of both Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police. Special breakdown vehicles were also seen to be deployed at different locations on the Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. Special breakdown response vehicles will be positioned every 30 kilometers on the national expressway road which is approximately 70 kilometers long and connects Dubai with Abu Dhabi as well as Sharjah. These vehicles will be well equipped with latest technologies and communication devices to clear up the accident site quickly and assist the drivers to a safe place. The TIM system is expected to reduce traffic delays by up to 35 percent by removing the vehicles involved in an accident and restoring the traffic flow ASAP. This effort by RTA and Dubai Police deserves an applaud as it will definitely improve the traffic situation in the city and ensure the safety of every driver. Do share your opinion about this new initiative and tell us how beneficial it will be for UAE drivers.
  11. Official announcement by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) indicates that the first batch of 50 trains for the Dubai Metro will be arriving in November. These trains have recently been tested at Alstom Company's factory in Poland and will soon arrive in Dubai. 15 out of them will be used for the Dubai Expo 2020 while the remaining will be used by the Dubai Metro Service. The new trains will boast a phenomenal design and improved interior with a carriage reserved especially for women and children, while another carriage for gold class passengers. All remaining carriages will be classified as ‘silver class’. Moreover, the design of the luggage compartment has been revamped as well to allow standing commuters to travel easily. Furthermore, these trains will have digital maps with routes and stations clearly marked. Also, the current metro train carries 643 passengers while the new ones will accommodate up to 696 passengers. The last batch of trains will be delivered by October 2019. The arrival of these new trains is definitely a great news for Dubai residents as it will make traveling to the Dubai Expo 2020 convenient for everyone. What new features do you think will be present on these trains which are not on the current metro trains?
  12. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is best known for introducing new policies and procedures to make the lives of an ordinary Dubai’s citizen convenient. Following the introduction of a new way to pay the fine in installments through the credit card, RTA has now launched an ‘automatic vehicle registration renewal’ service which is totally online. The automatic online vehicle registration renewal service was previously available only for the corporate sector but is now officially accessible to the private individuals as well. The move is a part of the RTA’s grand plan to migrate most of its services to digital platforms. So how do you take advantage of this service? It’s fairly simple! Just visit the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website and click on the ‘Licensing’ service tab. After that, you can sign up with your personal details including the vehicle’s plate number. It is also important to have the e-wallet service which is absolutely free and allows the motorist to pay for the services online. The e-wallet service can be obtained by signing up on www.nol.ae. You can easily renew your registration 90 days prior to the expiry date and pay online through the e-wallet. A confirmation SMS will be sent and the registration card will be sent via the postal company. Do share your feedback with us regarding how beneficial do you think this service is for the Dubai residents or whether it will create a hassle for those who are not too comfortable using modern digitize methods.
  13. thenational.ae /lifestyle/motoring/watch-the-uae-s-unwritten-driving-rules-1.764359 You might not know it - but you might've picked up a whole new language while living in the UAE. It's not overly difficult to learn - in fact, you might have picked it up in a matter of weeks. It relies mostly on visual cues and actually doesn't involve a single word. And you'll only learn it if you drive a car. Yes, we're talking about that unspoken language of driving on the UAE's highways - and every gesture, action and unnecessary light flash that goes with it. While you'll pick up fairly quickly on why that person behind you is high beaming you so furiously when you're going 80kph in the fast lane, there's a host of other light flashing, indicator flicking and tailgating that makes up this unspoken vernacular. We spoke to motorists about what each of these gestures mean, and brought in the Dubai Police to find out whether they might actually get you in a lot of trouble. 1. Flashing your headlights to force a vehicle to give way? What motorists say: This is used, primarily when travelling in the fast lane, to tell a driver in front to pull over as they are driving too slowly. The number of and time between flashes depends on the driver behind's urgency - read: aggression. What Dubai Police say: It is legal if it is meant as an alert to overtake another vehicle while maintaining a safe distance between the two vehicles, and overtake carefully. _______________ Read more: Complete list of UAE traffic offences and penalties _______________ 2. Leaving the right indicator on while driving in the fast lane What motorists say: Sometimes this is used to indicate to a driver behind that you that you are intending to move out of the way. For instance, if someone has flashed their high beams at you to move, and you cannot, you can indicate right so they know you will move when it is safe to. What Dubai Police say: There is no reason for leaving the right indicator on, and whoever does so will be fined for not giving way to other vehicles. 3. Leaving the left indicator on while driving in the fast lane What motorists say: Some say this means that you have no intention of pulling over; others say it indicates an intent to move but it is unsafe to do so at that moment. What Dubai Police say: It has no meaning in legal traffic procedures. _______________ Read more: Abu Dhabi Police issue safety warning after horror crash _______________ 4. Indicating left or right once, then indicating left or right again What motorists say: This might be a controversial one, as we've only really heard it from one person - but it is supposedly a retort to being flashed from behind in the fast lane and means, in it's politest iteration: 'no, go away, I am not moving'. What Dubai Police say: It has no meaning in legal traffic procedures. 5. Applying the brakes when a car is following close behind What motorists say: This is one reserved for only the most dangerous of motorists - swinging in front of another person, and pumping the brakes so you're very much aware they're angry you didn't move out of the way fast enough. While this is incredibly menacing anywhere in the world, it's even more perilous in the UAE where speed limits are often higher and the vast majority of motorists are used to roads in different countries. No matter how angry you are at the car travelling 20kph slower than the speed limit in front - this should never be practiced. What Dubai Police say: If the practice is made intentionally, a fine will be issued, stating 'driving dangerously in a manner that endangers others’ lives'. _______________ Read more: Dh1,000 fine for rubbernecking introduced in UAE _______________ 6. Using your windscreen's water jets when someone is tailgating you. What motorists say: While not as dangerous as pumping the brakes in front of someone, this is also used to inform someone travelling behind you that you're unhappy with their driving. The idea is that by hitting the water jets while travelling at high speed, the water will fly over your car and hit the windscreen of the one behind, causing them to slow down as they use their windscreen wipers to clear their windscreen. Again, this is risky behaviour - because if a driver has to slam on their brakes with little notice to clear their windscreen, and another car is travelling close behind them, this could cause an accident. What Dubai Police say: It is an individual behaviour and has no meaning in the traffic law 7. Driving very close to the car in the front, instead of using high beam. What motorists say: This is another way drivers try to intimidate people to move out of the way - coming up from behind and tailgating the car in front until they relent and move. What Dubai Police say: It is illegal, and a fine will be issued, stating 'not leaving enough distance behind vehicles'. _______________
  14. Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc), a strategic partner of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), is celebrating the region's largest shopping and entertainment festival for the 22nd consecutive year, by offering customers and visitors a chance to win a Nissan car daily during DSF, from December 26 until January 28, 2017. Customers who spend Dh20 at Zoom, Pronto or Paavo's Pizza, Dh30 at select Tasjeel services, Dh100 on oil change, carwash or at AutoPro, can participate in the Nissan Grand Draw to win a car daily. Customers can triple their winning chances when purchasing a promo-pack, which contains du, etisalat or Salik recharge cards.
  15. An Indian businessman bought a licence plate for Dh33 million at an auction on Saturday. Balvinder Sahni, who owns a property management company, bought the ‘D5’ plate during an auction organised by the Roads and Transport Authority, and another for Dh1m. Last year Mr Sahni bought the number ‘O9’ for Dh25m, Bloomberg reported. Source News: 7 Days UAE http://7days.ae/meet-man-behind-dhs33m-number-plate/94308
  16. RTA Smart Drive app is better than Google Maps and Sygic in UAE Based on thorough test by many users we officially confirms that RTA Smart Drive navigation app is much better, intuitive and user friendly than Google maps and Sygic (offline maps) in the UAE. Launched by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in late 2014, RTA Smart Drive app gained tremendous initial response and then consistent growth in number of users due to it's local intelligence. RTA Smart Drive app tries to help motorists drive faster by selecting the shortest route that have less congestion based on real-time traffic information. Although this app works in whole UAE, but it works the best in Dubai due to it's aggressive real-time feed from below various sources: Traffic congestion reported by the flow of 8,000 taxis People reporting traffic obstructions through app Surveillance cameras on intersections Accidents reported by Dubai Police Planned traffic diversions by RTA RTA Smart Drive app notable features that making it better than Google Maps: Intuitive Speed Limit Display: Very intelligent and intuitively placed on top left corner and will only display when you exceed limit and then disappear when you are with in speed limit. It also flashes the red circle when you exceed speed limit beyond the 20 kms grace limit on most of the Dubai roads. Closest Fuel Station Display: Very thoughtful of RTA to add one or two nearest fuel station displayed all the time on top right corner so that drivers can plan their fill-up and breaks on the route. Accurate Live Traffic System: Highly accurate and most updated live traffic has been used within Dubai for the success of this great free app for the motorists. RTA combines the feed from Dubai police, Dubai Taxi's, Surveillance Cameras etc to keep this live feed reporting the most latest congestion and accidents on the Dubai roads. Although this app works in whole UAE, but without live traffic layer for outside Dubai area. By planning the fastest and shortest route with no congestion you can save fuel cost by hypermile. Extensive Local Support: Dubai RTA is providing amazing local support via email and plenty of YouTube videos to educate motorists to use this app more efficiently and benefit everyone by reducing the traffic congestion on the Dubai roads. Display Latest Detour and Under Construction Areas: With plenty of development here in Dubai, road maps are always evolving and updating on daily basis. This RTA Smart Drive app shows all the planned traffic diversions, detour and even factor them while planning routes and offer the various choices based on drive time and distance. This way you can also avoid plenty of RTA Fines and Traffic Fines in the UAE. Routes with multiple destinations: This rarely used but great feature that has been missed out from almost all navigation apps, makes it way in RTA Smart Drive. Now you can plan your route from Bur Dubai to JLT and add stop-over at Karama and Al Quoz to pick your friends on the way. Offline Maps: Using mobile data is not always desirable by many users, hence RTA Smart Drive answers this need very nicely that once installed and updated over wifi connection, it works absolutely great without internet connection except the live traffic layer that needs tiny bit of mobile data to fetch the latest congested routes. Breadcrumb trail: Small feature but very useful to see the purple breadcrumb trail of the road behind you while driving. This will definitely help the user when in new area, so that they don't circle same area more than once. Stopwatch timer: Last but not least, RTA Smart Drive features the stopwatch timer to record the distance, time, top speed and average speed from point A to B. Now you can record your best lap to office daily. Download, Install and Initial Setup Explore Settings Live Traffic and Map Control Working with Places Searching Places Working with Routes Using Navigation Features Sharing Places and Routes
  17. Flying radar can track speedsters from air Speed radar might soon be installed in the latest Dubai Police drone By Majorie van Leijen Published Wednesday, October 15, 2014 A speed radar installed in a drone that flies over Dubai's roads is one of the options Dubai Police is considering to tighten the grip on speedsters in the emirate.The drone has already been built, and is capable of carrying a speed radar if such measures are to be implemented, explains Maher bin Haidar, of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police.Showing the latest and, according to him, the most advanced drones that the authority has in hand at the ongoing Gitex Technology week, he says, "This drone can capture images from a kilometre distance with its capacity to zoom in 60 times,” he explained.“It can fly for two hours, and can be controlled at a distance of 2km with a remote control." http://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/flying-radar-can-track-speedsters-from-air-2014-10-15-1.566300
  18. Hi Fellas, Is there any comprehensive place to find the full list of RTA fines, as all the bits and pieces are scattered on Internet and no one knows whats the old rate and new rates. There are files I found from 2006 when radar use to be 200 aed. lol. I wish if it still stays that cheap. Please help build one here and see if this thread get any traction. Parking fine: 200 AED Over speeding fine: Minimum - 600 AED + 100 AED (for every 10 more kms over speeding) Seat belt fine: 200 AED Blocking traffic: 200 AED
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