Mazda3 at 11.000 AED

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I've just heard that there is an old Mazda 3 in Dubai sold at 11.000 dirhams.It has about 250.000 km and it's produced in 2007. What do you think? Is this a good deal?

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    • By Aamil
      I bought used 2010 model Mazda 3 last year in Jan, exactly one year back. Car was in great condition and it was fun to drive a manual gear. I liked everything up until it started throwing the never ending clutch change issue.
      Last month my brother drove for a while and since then clutch was slipping on every gearshift with tranny slipping and shuddering. I changed the clutch for 1200 AED and picked up a car in bit rush without checking it thoroughly. To my surprise, after few days of driving again same problem occur. I showed the car to same mechanic and he blames my driving.
      I showed to another mechanic he blamed that Mazda uses Ford parts in that model and hence that is not very good long lasting parts and that's why it failed on me and advice me to change the car to newer model in which mazda used their own parts and not Ford.
      Im really clueless on which person to trust and what to do next, appreciate any advice from other Mazda 3 owners here. Thanks in advance.
    • By taqir
      Any advises on how often one need to change the gear oil for 2010, Mazda 3? Searched quite and most says never and that it cannot be possible to not to change gear oil - even if it's lifetime oil. Any help will be good here please. Thanks.