2016 Cadillac Escalade: fashionable luxury

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Equally functional, fashionable and luxurious. I really don’t know and care about the exterior of the car, as I always concern about the interior about the car.  Well I really got impressed with this car because it has all.

The 2016 Escalade and Escalade ESV are a perfect combination of sophistication, functionality and technology. At home on all roads, it deliver powerful performance when you need it. Created with craftsmanship not seen in any other SUVs before. 

Does anybody know it’s actual on road price in Dubai?





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I love my Escalade, yet I do not really like, when people put too much chrome on it. 

In my humble opinion, it looks badass just in black, with as little shiny stuff as possible.

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Those are some ugly ass donk wheels. Even there ever was a SUV I would consider replacing my Range Rover it would be the current gen Escalade.The Navigator is also up there but ever since Ford has gone gay and putting only 6cylinder motors in the current lineup. Not so much a fan anymore.

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