2010 Mazda 3 - Clutch Failure Problem

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I bought used 2010 model Mazda 3 last year in Jan, exactly one year back. Car was in great condition and it was fun to drive a manual gear. I liked everything up until it started throwing the never ending clutch change issue.

Last month my brother drove for a while and since then clutch was slipping on every gearshift with tranny slipping and shuddering. I changed the clutch for 1200 AED and picked up a car in bit rush without checking it thoroughly. To my surprise, after few days of driving again same problem occur. I showed the car to same mechanic and he blames my driving.

I showed to another mechanic he blamed that Mazda uses Ford parts in that model and hence that is not very good long lasting parts and that's why it failed on me and advice me to change the car to newer model in which mazda used their own parts and not Ford.

Im really clueless on which person to trust and what to do next, appreciate any advice from other Mazda 3 owners here. Thanks in advance.

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The problem is not the fact that there are Ford parts in your Mazda, but rather that the mechanics did a poor job when they replaced the clutch.

There are no "Ford", or "Mazda" parts. Clutch manufacturers make clutches that are used in many different vehicles, Ford and Mazda included, but without knowing what brand of clutch was fitted, it is difficult to say for certain what the problem is in this case. 

However, there are several possible reasons why the clutch is slipping now:

1.) The mechanics did not resurface the flywheel. When a clutch slips, the flywheel overheats, which causes the surface to become glazed. Glazed flywheel surfaces are too smooth for the clutch friction linings too "grip" the flywheel, hence the slippage.

2.) The mechanics did not replace the pressure plate. The spring tension in a pressure plate diminishes over time, so when only the clutch plate is replaced, the pressure plate is not strong enough to prevent the new clutch plate from slipping on the flywheel, and especially if the flywheel was not resurfaced.

3.) There may be oil on the new clutch. It often happens that when the crankshaft mainbearing oil seal leaks, oil eventually works its way onto the clutch, causing slippage. It also often happens that mechanics are too lazy to fix the oil leak, so even if they replaced the clutch as a complete kit, it will start slipping as soon as oil comes into contact with it.

4.) The mechanics damaged the clutch when they fitted the transmission. It often happens that the transmission is shaken around very violently by inexperienced mechanics when they refit the transmission. When this happens, the springs that control backlash in the clutch plate can be damaged, which can cause the new clutch to start slipping after a few days.

5.)The mechanics fitted a poor quality clutch. There are many clutch brands on the market that are extremely low quality, and it often happens that mechanics fit these clutches to increase their profits. The life times of some of these poor quality clutches can be measured in minutes, so it is very likely that you have one of these clutches in your car now.

6.) The mechanics fitted a rebuilt clutch, with the same results as point #5.

These are the most common causes of premature clutch failures, regardless of the make or brand of car. All clutches work in the same way, and if I were you, I would go back to the garage that replaced the clutch, and insist that they fix the problem.

All reputable clutches are also have warranties, irresepective of where in the world they are fitted, so insist on the problem being fixed under warranty conditions.  


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Hi Aamil

I do agree with Gautam but I would like to add one thing.

- mostly your car problem is not in the clutch plate I think it's on the pedal witch is mostly works in oil pressure that the cylinder failed and require replacement so its not going back to end and leave the plate touching the flywheel to over heat and wear.

some times you can find overall kit (after market) but it doesn't last for long time so replace with new and check the lower cylinder that push the plate as it doesn't have a spring to pull it back and replace the oil with the same grade (DOT3 or DOT4).

it's nice to have a manual car enjoy it!

Good Luck!   

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