Chev tahoe vs Toyota Land Crusiesr

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I had to make a similar choice last year, and ended up buying a new Land Cruiser 5.7. Although it is more expensive, and on paper a less of a good deal; in the real world I found it the better choice. The Land Cruiser design and ride is old-school; I like that. Its ranked in the top of dependable and durable SUV's. There is lots of sound proofing and rubber isolation that disconnects you from the road; ride is sweet, and uneven patches on the road you can hardly hear and feel. The other thing, I am a heavy and tall guy; the seats in the Land Cruiser were more comfortable for my build and they felt more solid in their design. No sign of an rattles and squeaks in the interior; its a great experience not to hear those when driving over uneven roads. For the rest, a Land Cruiser has a lot of hidden mechanical over-engineering; they are designed and build for a 25 year service life; thicker windows and body panels than industry average, stainless steel exhaust and a drive train that is hard to fault; also after years of use and abuse. Excellent off road vehicle, even without mods. 

I do like the Tahoe, I test drove a 16" of my friend for 3 days. Great SUV, very modern, comfortable. I like the seats, and the interior design; way more efficient than the Land Cruiser. I liked the ride too, miss the typical truck ride, and a bit noisy on uneven roads; its designed to ride with road feel and connection to the road to have better road holding. That is a compromise with comfort. On the quality side, I am sure they are OK, but they are not over engineered. 

In the end, I am sure any choice made will lead to happiness... 


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Thanks for your reply and experiance but 5.7 is not I can afford

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