Custom fan for A/T transmission cooler with installation = 125 AED

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I totally agree with Barry, that AT oil shouldn't get hot with on-road use even in peak summer stop and go traffic as no much strain on AT oil as compared to engine oil. AT only get stress when in immense load like in extreme hill climb or towing or self-recovering.

For the part, there won't be any perfect fit as Mitsu never provided that part in first place. So you should get an exact measurement and then search in the scrap for the perfect size, age, and working condition. Mine was slightly rusted from the back panel but works great so far. It's from some 1.8-liter car from the european brand (unheard car).

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Mitsubishi recommended service every 10k. 5k service is a dealer scam.

But it’s not hard to factor in removability when you’re designing it to make it a 5-10 minutes job. 

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