Suhoor night drive - 1 June 2017

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After experiencing an amazing drive last Friday in excellent weather, we like to replicate another Suhoor night drive to enjoy the drive and eating together but in a different area - Bidayer to Pink Rock.

This area offers all level terrain in some easy to medium size rolling dunes, and we expect to finish on some tall dune to enjoy suhoor with good breeze and company.

When: 1 June 2017, Thursday
Meeting time: 11 PM, convoy will move sharp at 11:15 PM
Where: Old Emarat Petrol Station at Lahbab R/A

GPS Coordinate:

Level of drive: Absolute Newbie - Newbie - Fewbie - Expert - Advance - All are welcome
Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance
Plan: Night drive from Bidayer to Pink rock and enjoy Suhoor together.
What to bring along: Evening snacks, food for Suhoor, plenty of water - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 4 AM, 2 June 2017, Friday


List your name and mobile number in this drive thread and RSVP the below calendar:

List of participants:

  1. Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  2. Basel - 050 1090183
  3. Srikumar 0559567471
  4. Asif Hussain - 050 6990411
  5. Saleem - 055 7979626
  6. Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099


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Rocking idea @Gaurav bhai. I will be there on time with full support. Absolutely loved it last week and want to have even more fun and play time this time around. Love your area of choice also, just brilliant.

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Another night to remember for a long time. We started on time, with minor delay and headed straight to Bidayer. We entered from Big Red area and played on top and then find our way to behind big red to switch to right side medium to big dunes. As we progresses in that area, dunes were getting little tricky with sharp cresting. We drove for an hour and everyone enjoyed the drive in spite of quite humid night outside it was pleasant breeze inside the desert.

As we continue further, one of the car ditched in the soft sand pocket. After failing attempt to self recover, we decided to give a tug. While tugging on soft sand need little harder tug, but that resulted in snapping the tow point which was welded on radiator support and ripping the radiator from bottom. It took Saleem's genius work of art more than 2-3 hours to repair that burst radiator in the desert with whatever limited tools and emergency repair kit we have.

All of sudden in the middle of night we experienced a super dense fog formed due to mist / dew and made everything around us fully moist and foggy. As the time was ticking for dawn, so we all decided to lay the suhoor spread and started eating together. As usual we were overloaded with food and spoilt with so many options that one layer wasn't enough. In the middle of this sad and tragic situation we still manage to enjoy each other company with ambiance music, good food and stories.

Once radiator reasonably repaired to drive back, we thought of sketching an easy path so that radiator doesn't hold much of pressure by kicking up the heat. I and Basil went to near by exit and after an hour we realize that nothing is gonna be easy as we were surrounded by some deep nasty bowls and tall dunes in both the directions. Luckily while exiting we explored the third and last option in the daylight and that turn out to be reasonably easier for all and we finally exited by 6:00 AM to the road.

It's an amazing night to remember with the challenges that we face and we stay together to deal with it as one strong army. From the mechanic point - tools supplier - food organizer - scout support - and even the hairpin supplier (Sri's sister). Many thanks to everyone for their patience and support which really makes this community grow stronger and closer with like minded and trust worthy team players.

Here are the pictures from my camera and hope to see all of other pictures soon:

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Now my side of the night which turned out to be an amazing time out with beautiful people. My family decided to join me after some time and I would like to apologize for the delay at the meeting point. After a round of warm hugs and warmer smiles we continued to the deflation point. We also had a briefing from @Gaurav Bhai we had a good idea on what we are up for.

As we entered we found the big red and we played behind it to reach a high point and head down and ventured right. I have seen this area from far but for one reason or the other never ventured there. The were some nice smooth dunes to climb, and some bushy area to drive through and Than there were some sharp drops. The area was just amazing and needs more exploring.

Unfortunately we had a radiator damage which shortened our drive. But fortunately it gave us time to sit together and share some stories, some jokes and more importantly bond and know each other better. It made me realize that the drive is important, but more important is the time spent together.

As Saleem fixed the leaking radiator he spoke very few words, but it cracked a laugh from all. In all this tense atmosphere to not only keep a calm head over the shoulders but to crack a few jokes to relax all is so important in such a situation. Well done Saleem Bhai. As we were sitting around it became dark and the stars dissapeared, it was becoming foggy and the spiders kept us dancing and on our feet.

Soon we laid out table for Suhoor, with a realization, we need a bigger one. There was so much of it and so much variety, we were spoilt for choice. Thanks to everyone for their generosity. Shree's sister was on her feet serving everyone and that was very sweet gesture that is so much appreciated. As we wrapped up and started packing we discovered that the fixed radiator could still not hold all the water we would have liked it to. But enough to give us 20 minute window.

Gaurav Bhai did the best thing posible, scout the area with the most capable @baselsm83 to get the effected car out with all of us without any trouble. This gave us more time to talk, thanks to @Asif Hussain for being my chat partner. On return of Gaurav and Basel Bhai important information was shared and plans made to tackle the situation.

We all at a point had to split as was decided to get the effected car out of harms way, Asif, Shree and myself joined with them in about 10 minutes. We were all out and safe thanks to some very clever and careful planning from Gaurav Bhai and help, patience and understanding from all.

Like Gaurav Bhai put it a night to remember. Thanks, love and hugs to each and every one. Love you all.

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