2010 Pajero Tiptronic Gear Shifting Problem

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I drive a 3.8 LWB Pajero 2010 model.

During my last desert drive while climbing a steep hill, I was on 4H with manual tiptronic on 1st gear. However as we had gained some speed and had reached near the hill top the tiptronic would automatically upshift from 1st gear to 2nd gear causing a tremendous loss in power and subsequently speed. So basically it's not holding the 1st gear as long as I wish. Later I noticed that this happens when the speed reaches 50 km/h mark.


Anyone has any suggestions on how I can manually override this automatic shift in tiptronic mode especially for steep climbs. 

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Do you have a central diff lock in your Pajero? If yes, then use that while extreme long hill climb and it will help A LOT in those last few meters by crawling all the way up.

Read the owners manual about the manual overriding the tiptronic fully, it must have some useful info.

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when i was climbing that exact hill i came in 2nd gear and as i saw the speed come down i down shifted to first and vola the rpms rose and gave it that extra push in the last moments to reach the top...

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That is a limitation in 2007-2011 Pajero, 2012+ holds the gear and doesn't auto upshift.. That's why I recommend off-roaders to get 2012+ Pajero if they want to offroad it hard..

however, you can get used to this & drive accordingly, I have the 3.8 2009 with same problem. I use it more for overlanding than crazy dune bashing.. so not bothered with it.

try to ease the gas before you reach the upshift point to keep it in gear.. it takes practice & you will miss sometimes, but you will be able to live with it for most of terrains.. 

i don't know if any mod that can change that, maybe swapping the computer with a newer model? But that might make other trouble..

if you really like your Pajero & really want it to hold the gear, then sell & buy a 2012.

otherwise you need to learn to work with this limitation 

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@Gaurav in the HLc mode also the vehicle is upshifting automatically. I have noticed this happens at 50km/h. Have not tried the Llc mode though.

@ayman_khateeb it's strange that Mitsubishi committed such a blunder and then rectified it post 2012. But I will take your advise of trying to maintain the speed below 50 km/h during the climb. 

@shadow79 I am unable to downshift till the speed drops beyond a certain point.

Will try to find if there any other way around this.


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unfortunately it is, and this upshift happens even in 4LLc

it is mainly around certain RPM, usually 5k+

you will notice the same on 4LLc also, downshifting will only happen once the RPM drops to what Mitsubishi thought "safe" do downshift..




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As @ayman_khateeb pointed out this seems to be a programming which means change of PCM to a newer one should take care of that problem, however it might trigger some other issues. I wonder if there is a superchip that can reprogram the PCM like it does the ECU?

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