Shuwaib adventurous drive - 27 July 2017

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It's time for another adventurous drive to welcome our superman aka Rahimdad. This time we will venture in some new area at the intersection of Dubai - Sharjah - Abu Dhabi border. It's called Shuwaib and it's an extension (behind) of Area 53 what we did, few weeks back. I wouldn't call it a challenging terrain, but it's more of a tricky terrain surrounded with too many bowls and pockets that one can miss very easily. Plan is as usual to drive, drive and drive and end at some nice spot for eating together till dawn and then drive for last leg and exit by 6:00.

When: 27 July 2017
Meeting time: 11:00 PM
Starting time: 11:15 PM (SHARP)

Where: ADNOC fuel station just before Madam roundabout.
GPS Coordinate:
Level of drive: Fewbies - Intermediate

Type of drive: Adrenaline kicking fun drive with few breaks and food time on top of some awesome dunes
Plan: Learn advance night sand off-road driving
What to bring along: Food, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn

Approximate finish time: 6 AM - 27 July 2017



Shuwaib intersection.JPG


Safety advice:

  1. All vehicles should have proper tow hook in front and back
  2. Drive is only open for proper 4x4 vehicles, not for SUV's, AWD, and Sedan's
  3. Vehicle should have minimum 10-12 inches of ground clearance
  4. Every vehicle should have proper shovel, deflator and tire pressure gauge
  5. Two way radio, air compressor, tow rope, Jack and shackle are advisable to carry if you have


Please leave your name and mobile here and RSVP on below calendar:


List of participants:

  1. Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  2. Asif - 050 6990411
  3. Saleem - 055 7979626
  4. Srikumar - 055 9567471
  5. Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099

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What can I say for my come back drive? What a drive? It had suspense, drama, excitement, lots of food and variety of drinks.

We started at a good time, it was a bit humid and my car AC and Rav4 AC were not working, on the way a burned the AC clutch and we stopped momentarily for the belt to break on its own as we argued whether I should cut it or remove it. Waited for the smoke to settle and we were off, with the Rav4 AC clutch already burned, Sree had something bigger in mind and ended up burning his clutch plate all together before the end of the drive.

The area was challenging and everybody managed well except for the usual stucks and refusals. As the night progressed towards morning the breeze was nicer and cooler for the 2 cars without an AC. @Gaurav Bhai, nice selection of area and a great lead to further challenge the hardened drivers we have in our group by now. @Asif Hussain a great second lead to keep the convoy alert and occupied at the same time. @shadow79 great third place to keep the Rav4 moving amazingly smooth through some rough dunes. @Skumar83 to keep on trying your level best to manage the dunes with your manual shifter, it's not easy but you did very well, the only bummer was the fact that the clutch plate was burnt to keep you away from the awesome action at the end.

With a brief stop to eat some nice shawarmas and falafel sandwiches that @Gaurav bhai had got along with some nuts and chilled drinks, and @Asif bhai's coutesy extended with some amazing cup cakes and tea and Saleem with his own giant cool box that is really cool. After the break we headed towards Super Bowl which we reached close to day break, Cool weather in the early morning hours and good light made it a blessing to make first use of the front face of Super Bowl. We all had our turn and it was really fun, We than decided to head to the side of Super Bowl which was not that high, but the length of the dune looked amazing for some lip-smacking side sloping. However, after first use @Gaurav bhai advised us that there were some bumps which took away the fun and we need to be extra careful if we want to do the same. Next was Saleem and he soon realized the depth of the warning from Gaurav Bhai as after a jump his front wheels were swallowed by some soft sand as the car landed taking control of the steering and turning towards an upward direction with Saleem having no say in it. As a result the RAV4 flipped and was on it's side. Gaurav Bhai and I rushed to the scene with everybody else following us closely. Saleem had managed to do the one thing he was in control of, which was to switch the engine off immediately. After discussing for a while we put our plan into practice and soon Sreekumar had his rope with the shackles from the front to the rear end of the Rav4, my viking was attached to Sreekumar's rope and I slowly moved back to see if the pull would be what was required in the right direction. After making sure that we will have the desired result I made a first attempt which only slightly moved the vehicle in a sideways position down the dune, I had to than give it a little bit more power and the Rav4 was on it's 4 wheels, but had a couple of pop-outs. There were a few challenges but with the sun rearing it hot head and getting heated, we quickly popped the tires back in and were on our way to Iftar Bowl which by now had become a highway with loads of traffic. Only Gaurav Bhai made it straight up, with myself making it through my cheat route, Asif Bhai making it to the top of my car almost due to some confuion, but closely missed my car. and the Rav4 almost making it to the top just touching the peak. Unfortunately Sreekumar could not play because of his burnt clutch. All in all, the drive was challenging and eventful and I could not have asked for a better gift on my return.

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