1998 XJR ECU programming

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I have an old (for Dubai) Jaguar XJR that I have used as my daily driver for a couple of years. I've always loved the shape of the XJ's with the double round headlamps and bought this one in a relatively ok condition a few years back. Recently I started having issues with the engine control module and I purchased a used one to replace the faulty one. I have replaced the module but now it needs to be programmed/configures with the VIN/chassis number of the car so it can interact with the other control modules. Are there anybody out there that can advice me where I can get the programming done or, have the equipment needed to do the programming?

Thanks a lot.



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Sweet ride! Have always loved the old jags, almost even bought one once. Unfortunately I don't think anybody other than the dealers has the level of jaguar specific diagnostic equipment available to unlock/sync your replacement ECU model with the other bits and bobs on the jag.

I would suggest check online to see if anyone offers these services in the UK, usually requires sending the ECU to them, or look for diagnostic equipment thats able to unlock and sync Jag ECUs

A rudimentary google search lead me to this

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Thanks to both.  Derick: I'll try Chipcentric in the morning as they seem to be gone for the day. 

Desertdude: I have tried the Mongoose interface but it doesn't support ECU programming on the X308. Apparently there is a different interface needed. Was hoping to get the programming done here in Dubai to avoid lots of shipping costs. Have spent a few dirhams on the car already......


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