Hiclone Pulstar spark plugs

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Hi Guys,

Anyone has used Hiclone Pulstar spark plugs on Y61 which is supposed to increase the fuel efficiency and boost the power. 


One should not be thinking about petrol while owning a patrol, but still checking if there is any scope of improving the gas mileage.


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Most of these products do not deliver what they promise as they know most people would not go on the dyno to check their claims. Only spark plugs by themselves cannot effect the vehicle I'm a big way as well. You need a few more mods to produce half decent results.

Just my 2 cents.

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The only time I would ever consider using non manufacturer recommended spark plugs would be in a highly tuned engine. The manufacturer spends millions figuring out what works with your engine. 

Say your car is 300bhp, these magic spark plugs give you an extra 15% increase in power, that's 45 BHP. From a set of spark plugs? Sorry chum, it's never happening.

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