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I hope you all had some relaxed Christmas celebrations or at least a few restful days!

Since I have my Pajero, I managed to get hands on a used bull bar in decent condition. I haven't yet got it installed but I will send pictures soon.

I saw that it had pre drilled holes for installation of additional lights.

I am tempted to buy a couple ...any suggestions if they can be yellow (or will RTA And police possibly give trouble)? Otherwise I am happy for suggestions which lights might better than yellow ?

Or shall I go for a light bar to be installed in the middle of the bull bar?

I am also thinking to get the bonnet foiled. 

Has someone here in the forum done that already? If yes, what would be approximately the cost and which place can do a clean job.

Thank you guys and wishing you a Happy New Year ahead!! 

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Depends what you are going to use the additional lights for. We normally use the LED light bar for our desert night drives. You can go to the Naif Road area opposite Hyatt Recency and ask them to show you a few samples and which ones you would like to be installed. You can get the LED for as less as AED 250 or more, the halogen lamps are I think about AED 80 each. RTA will not trouble you on read, but yearly passing can be an issue, so I suggest you get the covers for them and remove the covers when you want to use them. I believe you cannot use the additional lights on the road, there could be a fine for that.

Regarding the fouling I don't know much, but it's common unlike before and you can get it done cheaply and any good workshop will do a decent job. Just ask them to show you any car they have foiled and don't go for their words. Inspect what they have done and decide if you want to do it through them.

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foiling? like wrapping? some of my friends at uni have wrapped their whole car at Monster Ajman for as low as 2-3k. They have done a good job nothing fancy.. it should be around 300 for the bonnet. they use 3M so 2 years warranty i guess

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