tick-tick noise from engine bay - 06' mercedes

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2 hours ago, Gaurav said:

Don't shoot me guys for saying this as I don't know whether WD40 is an approved belt dressing or not.

I have tried WD40 to identify which one out of 3 belts is squeaking in my Pajero multiple times. It just that it creates a dalmatian spots mess in the engine bay, so now I put a big towel around and secure it properly before I spray WD40.

TBH it seems this noise is because engine oil is low or what Saleem pointed that there may be some metal shaving, and some internal engine component is not happy.

Using WD40 on drive belts is not a good idea. The stuff contains petroleum distillates that will attack and destroy any belt that contains rubber in very short order.  If you can't get proper belt dressing, non-stick cooking spray also works well to identify noisy belts. 

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Sad truth

On 12/03/2018 at 10:11 PM, Barry said:

@desertdude makes a very good point. 99% of parts shops in uae have no clue. The parts guys aren’t interested in cars. They just punch chassis numbers into their system to get their 2000 dhs per month salary and they don’t care beyond that. 

I remember rebuilding a supercharger on a MINI a few months ago. MINI dealer said the parts weren’t available from any source. It was a standard Eaton supercharger and I ended up ordering the parts from europe no problem.

Then I needed the oil to fill it. Everyone was like, what’s a supercharger, no oil is not available you have to buy a new supercharger. I went and looked up the GM part number. Simple thing, available all over the world but even the GM dealers said either no such thing or not available. I ended up ordering it from America with no problems. 

Parts shops here suck. They just want to sell fast moving parts from corollas, Kali wali anyone who drives something different. Fast cash is all they care about.

There is a big gap in the market for a garage who is actually into cars and actually wants to source parts. 


Btw guys.. i will update yall next week.. i cant see any oil marks in the area i parked so i doubt if it leaked.. i will show it to a garage near me and see what they have to say...


I dont think its the manifold if so i might be the first one to get it cracked on a w211... i think its the lifter.. i will check the oil again and take it to fasttrack cuz thats where i got it changed less than 2k kms ago

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Just because there’s no external leaks doesn’t mean there are no internal leaks. 

Weak head gasket, valve stem oil seals, piston rings, cracks in the block or head can leak oil into the combustion chamber and see it burnt off. 

Any blue smoke from the exhaust? Weak head gasket, cracked block or head will smoke all the time. Valve stem oil seals will cause smoke on startup and overrun. Faulty piston rings will smoke on acceleration. 

In saying all this, some of the modern engines from VW and Toyota can burn oil at an alarming rate with no visible smoke. 

But, if you see smoke and recognise when it’s happening, it helps in the diagnostic process. 

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