Soundproofing issue on Pajero

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17 hours ago, Gaurav said:

If it's really a specific area wind noise bothering you then debug that area first as many times your mind doesn't read the exact source of the problem. My car recently involved in an accident where the garage has to change the door, after getting my car I was complaining about wind noise from that door. After 6-7 attempts, we figured out that half sliding window behind the driver was not locking properly due to debris and once clean and locked the window in its latch sound gone.

Secondly, Pajero has a hole in passenger footwell that opens in the engine bay (firewall) and I have been sick of hearing my engine roaring and humming inside the cabin. I bought 10 GBP sound insulation sheet and just placed 1 on top of that hole and sound reduce by 75%. I still have 1 sheet to spare if you like to experiment PM me.

Thirdly to actually debug the correct source of wind or engine noise, ask someone else to drive and then you follow the sound while on the passenger seat or back seat to actually trace the correct issue, while on the driving seat you will keep guessing and getting frustrated.

Fourth, some tires DO MAKE LOT OF NOISE, google your tire decibel level rating to find out if its coming due to those.

General noise type for you to figure out:

  • Tires - constant humming and then deafening at high speed
  • Wind noise - sharp whistling or gushing, link to speed
  • Engine noise - roaring, but linked to engine rpm than the speed

thanks Gaurav for the thorough explanation, and I need to know where is the position or location of "hole in passenger footwell that opens in the engine bay (firewall)"

I hear loud noise from the floor of the passenger side, or maybe from the top of the rear wheel position under the passenger seat.

I will PM you for more detail.


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