Buying a 308, How stupid idea it can be?

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As my Jeep became not easy to use daily, i start looking a car for me. Everyone said to get a Toyota. For that reason today i went to Al Futtaim auto mall ffor seeing some Corolla or Camry. While i was there i saw one 308 and i really like it. It is loaded. Low km. Turbo engine with eat6 gearbox. Under warranty till 08/2021. I know in this country no one likes Peugeot except me. This mean very low resale value. But if you forget resale value. How stupid idea to get this car. In Turkey i always used Peugeot and never had any major issue with them. I mean when i compare with Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic this car is something else.

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Your choice man, personally I have no love for them at all. Its like buying a washing machine, doesnt matter which one you get. 

But if its a choice between a Corolla and Camry. Id go for the 308. Because the yotas are the blandest of the bland.

If you dont want to look like you are driving the cheapest rent a car in town, look around there are many other cars too. I know everyone's needle is always stuck on toyota for some odd reason. Look at what the Koreans and the Americans have to offer too. 

This being a buyers market,maybe even consider slightly older Merc C and E classes.

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