Buying used c230 2009 need help

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Hi guys,

I am buying 2009 c230 with 100000kms and the price is 26k.

The car is well maintained and looks very clean and smooth to drive is it a good deal?

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I'm not sure on the price as that keep on changing depending on the private deal or buying from a dealer.

What I can help advise you is never trust any soul while buying a car if you don't see the full-service history with the stamp and dates, as over 75% seller claim that they have full-service history and in end make some excuses. So don't fall for the car that has no service records: 

  • First, you don't know whether it has been maintained with Mercedes dealer or any equally competent workshop
  • Second, you don't know if it's driven 200K and odometer reversed to 100k for better resale - It's a crime.
  • Third, with service history, you know what all major defects/recalls or high price consumables have been changed lately.

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