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toyota corolla tercel 1999

i really have no idea from where to start a review but here we go

i got this car ar 250k kms for 2.5k aed and ran it for another 450 or 500k  it had a smoking engine which i replaced and she was back up and spurring like a kitten with carb powered 2efe 1.3 cc engine that not gonna roar but will get you wherever you want thanks to its 5 spd manual gear it had more then enough to run around everywhere i need to be and was my trusty partner for use in the workshop for hauling parts it had the best fuel economy as its a 1.3cc which used to give a run of around 600 plus per tank



the car itself in look wise is really basic not a cheap box but if you can toss some $$$ then this car can make heads turn and the interior is also very basic with a stereo system and the seats are not that comfy for very long drives



the windows were manual and there was only 1 airbag for the driver others would just hope for the best i guess

there was no abs not much electrically loaded as you can guess but still its a really wonderful car to have as the maintenance cost is very low and the fuel economy is great and the air conditioning is built of very tough components the summer afternoons could not make it bow down 



the parts are readilly avalable in orignal and even aftermarket is nicely catering to this kitten the small parts like door handle interior handle or the window handle to bonnets doors even the used market has everything this car requires to run like the fornt headlight pair is 200 aed which would be the cost of only 1 headlight in many newer cars

this car has reached such a stage that you can buy it of the market for 2k to 4k depending on the condition and for using it for 2 to 3 years it still part with almost the same amount from you only if you take good care of it...these cars are very hard to comeby if in really good condition as the owners are still in love with tercel and are reluctant to part with a gem that toyota produced the last were produced in 1999 as then toyota echo took over


P.S : the 2 pictures is of my tercel and the rest is sourced from the internet

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Something similar with a 2.0 Litre engine today would make for a fabulous beater.
I've got something like this with 517,000 kms on the odo. But, it's just a 1.3 Lancer off an acquaintance and the lack of power is disappointing. Planning to replace with a 2.0 beater when the time comes to renew it.

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