Ford Edge Overheats when AC turns on only

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    • By VishalJC
      Hi everyone!!
      This is Vishal here, been in UAE for past 3 years, I don’t have ride of my own… but that didn’t kept me following my ever loving topic “cars”☺️..
      Most of the time my search results always end on one of your forum discussions!! And yeah it is helpful and practical.
      Yearly once or two I rent a 4x4 and go for camping with my friends (last one was shuweihat island ).
      Looking forward to meetup with you guys!!

    • By Barry
      Somehow lost VW connectivity so decided to run an update. Some new manufacturers I haven’t even heard of. 

    • By Barry
      Pick a car, pick an engine. 
      What is your dream engine swap and why?
    • By Barry
      British tourist hits every speed camera on Sheikh Zayed Road  in a rented Lamborghini Huracan and racks up 175,000 dhs in fines.